Woman catches Covid twice in 20 days – setting new record

A woman has set a record by catching Covid twice in 20 days. The woman, in Spain, was a 31-year-old healthcare worker.

She caught Delta in December, then Omicron in January. The researchers said the case shows that even vaccinated people who have had Covid-19 “cannot assume they are protected from re-infection”.

She was infected fifteen days after her recall but did not show any symptoms. She developed a cough a few days after returning to work.

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She found out she had Omicron via lab tests. Dr Gemma Recio, from the Catala de la Salut Institute in Spain, one of the study authors, said: “This case highlights the potential of the Omicron variant to escape acquired prior immunity either from natural infection with other variants, or from vaccines.

“In other words, people who have had Covid-19 cannot assume that they are protected against reinfection, even if they have been fully vaccinated. Nonetheless, both prior infection with other variants and vaccination appear to partially protect against severe illness and hospitalization in these people.

“This case also underscores the need for genomic surveillance of viruses in infections in those who are fully vaccinated and in reinfections. Such surveillance will help detect variants capable of partially evading the immune response.”

Work from the Office for National Statistics suggests that the risk of reinfection is 10 times higher with the Omicron variant compared to the Delta variant.

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