What’s it like to be next door to a Bollywood celebrity? These people spill the beans

Celebrities are known for their stardom and luxurious lifestyle. Although every little detail of the lives of Bollywood celebrities excites us, imagine what it’s like to be their neighbors. We came across a Reddit thread where people who have Bollywood celebrities as neighbors shared their encounters with them.

1. “The celebrities closest to my house were the Devgn family, yes, Ajay Devgn and Kajol Mukherji. They used to stay right on the sidewalk opposite my house and their living rooms were visible from our window! A memory what I still have is that they used to have a big screen TV in their room and sometimes I would look out my window and watch their TV whenever there was a movie playing there.”

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2. “Gauhar Khan – the sweetest person ever. Treats and greets all members with respect, including security and drivers. Regularly donates for cat food and has also donated for the sterilization. On her birthday, she personally went to each apartment with half a kg of chocolate cake and received their blessings.”


3. “Not mine, but Irrfan Khan used to live in the same building as my friend before he moved to a bungalow. Once we even spotted him jogging in the building. He was very polite, stopped to give a photo on the way back.”


4. “Malaika Arora lived in our society in Thane when she was young, she was introverted and didn’t have many friends, my mother only mingled with her a lot. Also, my nana was the secretary of the building at that time, so he knew all the gossip about his house at that time, and believe me, you wouldn’t want to know that.”


5. “Meiyang Chang! My mother had her hair cut by Meiyang Chang’s mother! It was probably around the 80s. They were raised in the same locality in Dhanbad, so she mentions having seen him often in her youth !”


6. “Shaktiman/Bhishma Pitamah lived with his extended family on the top floor of the first building I lived in in Powai about 5-7 years ago. I saw him at a few functions and parties as a guest of He even has a Shaktiman Institute of Action.


7. “When I was a child, Rohit Sharma lived in the building opposite mine in the MHB settlement. My older cousins ​​played cricket with him during their school and college years. I had the privilege of playing with him before he became famous.”


8. “Ik someone who lives next to Akshay Kumar’s “Prime Beach” house, Sajid Nadiadwala, Hritik Roshan (all are neighbors and live in the same building facing Juhu Beach.) NGL looked in their homes from the apartment Bohot bada aur mehenga hai bhai Gaadiyan bhi hoti hai (mehengi wali.) Aur mai apni WagonR leke gaya tha waha.


9. “Sister is staying near Hrithik Roshan’s new apartment in Versova. He has 2 apartments on the 18th and 19th floors. He visits sometimes to check on the progress of the interior work going on.”

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10. “Sushant Singh Rajput used to stay in my building when he was with Ankita Lokhande, now it’s just Ankita with her husband. Arjun Bijlani also lived here but recently moved I think. Sakshi Tanwar still lives here as far as I can remember.”


11. “Sanjay Mishra lives near me in Vaishali Sec 4 Ghaziabad. My local dairy owner has a framed selfie with him, kept outside his shop.”


12. “I don’t know if you would call him a celebrity now, but Sanjay Narvekar (dedh futya from the movie Vastav) lived in the building right across from mine. He was at least 5-6 years older than me, so I didn’t interact with him much, but I grew up watching him play cricket, take part in Govinda processions, play Holi, etc.


13. “Not me, but a friend of mine lived in Varun Dhawan’s building a few years ago (when he often lived with his parents). She interacted with his mother once.”


15. “I lived opposite Thala (Ajith) when I lived in Chennai. Big place with high walls and very big wide doors!! Looked like a super secret government building lmao. Never saw Thala as he only went by car but the crowds gathered on certain events like his birthday. Maybe he came to greet them. I haven’t been exposed to southern films so I wasn’t not in it at all.


16. “For all the people of the 90s who remember Band of Boys, one of them was living and training together in a building next door. The residents were always yelling at them to shut up the noise, and then everything changed. .”


17. “A lot of Marathi actors/actresses. Once I was buying medicine. I saw one buying a pack of condoms. He was the guy who was Bajirao’s younger brother in Bajirao Mastani.”


18. “I lived for a short time in Thakur compound. Pooja Batra was a resident. I was a child and was friends with her brother. She was always cool and kind. look like a celebrity.”


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