“We were chased by an elephant which almost killed me and my entire crew”


When I was filming Edge of the World in 2019, I spent about three months in Sarawak, which is a province of Borneo, the third largest island in the world.

I have been to Borneo three or four times for work and also on my own once to work with an orangutan sanctuary in Sarawak called SOS. I love the people there and the food is amazing. Lunch in this part of the world is always worth the wait. If you’re having a rough morning, you know that at 1 p.m. you’ll have a curry, and it’s always fantastic.

I usually go on vacation during the first two weeks of December, as there isn’t normally a lot of work at the end of the year

Then I could visit my parents, brother or friends for Christmas, then I’ll be back ready to work in early January. My parents spend a lot of time in Spain now, so most of the time I’m in Spain.

I really like South East Asia. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, obviously Borneo and the Philippines

I have been to Africa many times which is mind blowing. Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Tunisia, South Africa. I like places that have a built-in animal opportunity because I don’t necessarily like lounging on a beach. I love to do things and stay active, whether it’s scuba diving, hiking in the woods, or looking for animals.

I love New Zealand

It is an extremely welcoming, very friendly part of the world and a place I think I will probably return to for the rest of my life. We were based in Wellington for Lord of the Rings, but I think we went to over two hundred places around the North and South Islands. We really went everywhere, to all the big cities in New Zealand. Queenstown comes to mind as it is the adventure capital of the world, with bungee jumping, rafting and speed boating. I think today I would be more in Milford Sound, or maybe Coromandel, which is on the North Island – more scenic places.


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