Voila: premium meal plan delivery service inspired by kitchens around the world

Delivery of meal plans is quickly becoming a crowded space in Hong Kong. The latest addition to the neighborhood is Voila, a company that offers restaurant-quality, calorie-counted meals for those looking for both good taste and convenience. Personal trainer Hugo D’Almeida and Chef Bertrand Jubault lead the Voila team, designing thoughtful menus with their years of experience in the wellness and restaurant industry.

Voila meals are sealed in airtight packaging to ensure freshness. Photo: Voila

Each meal, vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness, comes with a printed label with nutritional data including calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat. But don’t let that intimidate you: Voila’s meals, inspired by international cuisines, are intended as much for the health-conscious as they are for foodies who love everything from Thai curry to ratatouille and teriyaki chicken.

Here sent Coconut a five day plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our verdict? The color impressed us – we reliably found the meals to be filling, balanced and, most importantly, delicious.

One of our favorites was the African spiced chicken with a quinoa and tomato salad. We loved the tenderness of the chicken and the rich, warm sauce that accompanied the quinoa.

African spiced chicken with quinoa and tomato salad. Photo: Coconuts Media

Another highlight was the veal sausage with provincial tomato tagliatelle. Cooked al dente, the pasta had a nice elastic texture and the lightly salted sausage did not have the unpleasant taste often associated with processed meat.

Veal sausage with provincial tomato tagliatelle. Photo: Coconuts Media

The breakfast items did not disappoint either. With its assortment of fresh fruit, the colorful oatmeal bowl with fruit was a tasty and bright start to our day. Another breakfast item we had, a ham and emmental cheese wrap, was also a favorite. The cheese melted slightly when warmed up, and we loved the thin pancake texture of the wrap.

Photo: Coconuts Media

We would expect the only complaint one could have with Voila’s meals is that they take a bit longer to prepare compared to the average meal delivery that you could just throw in the microwave. Vacuum sealed in plastic, it takes longer to heat, open the bag and plate the food. But for the added freshness and locked in nutrients, we think the prep is worth it.

If you want to store food for a rainy day, meals can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. Otherwise, it is recommended that meals placed in the refrigerator be consumed within ten days.

Voila offers five-day meal plans with options for two, three, or four meals a day (guests can double up on breakfast or dinner). Deliveries are down twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings, although no deliveries are available in the New Territories and Outer Islands.

Editor’s Note: Our writer received a five-day meal plan from Voila. However, Voila had no editorial involvement or supervision in this article. Read our editorial policies here.

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