Vaccinated passengers get 20% off Transport Co interprovincial buses

For those who have been fully vaccinated, the Thai state-run long-distance bus operator is offering a 20% reduction on all fares until the end of November. The Transport Co operates public buses that travel between provinces across the country, and they provide the business with increasing ridership as tourism grows.

It is also hoped that the move will offset losses felt during a squeeze with rising fuel costs and dwindling passenger numbers during the frequent closures and travel restrictions that have plagued the country throughout the pandemic. Covid-19. The Department of Transportation is trying to give discounts to passengers who are also affected by the economic devastation of the pandemic, according to the chief executive of Transport Co.

Just in the last few days since the country’s reopening, interprovincial buses have seen an increase from just 16,000 passengers per day to 20,000 per day, with the number of passengers set to continue to rise, especially in light of the vacations to coming and the New Year Celebration.

The Transport Co has taken many different approaches in trying to provide people with cheaper ways to travel while still placing more passengers in the seats of their buses. The company participates in the “Khon La Khrueng” program which co-pays the tickets by the government, although there are limitations in obtaining the tickets. Purchase and payment must be made directly at the counters, so it cannot be used for early bookings, nor does it allow cancellation or refunds.

They launched a mobile application to facilitate reservations and payments while being more compatible with Covid-19 than physical contact from a counter. They plan to add special discounts to the app, including those for delivery services that they are working to improve to become a viable option for same-day deliveries throughout Thailand.

THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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