This Is Fred launches a fluid genre collection with The Slate

Resort hotel The Slate has released a fluid genre collection with fashion label This Is Fred.

The Phuket-based resort has teamed up with the London-based brand to produce urban, flowing clothing, inspired by the architecture and design of The Slate.

“I discovered Fred in Shoreditch, a very creative and artistic area in East London where you can find unique vintage shops and independent fashion brands,” said Krystal Prakaikaew Na-Ranong, co-founder and owner of The Slate. . “Its geometric cut and shape, the use of materials and the brand’s fluidity of genre immediately reminded me of The Slate.”

The collection, which is inspired by the aesthetic of The Slate architect Bill Bensley, monochrome accents and the marriage of hard and soft silhouettes, includes pants, tops, ponchos and jackets. Some hand-sewn items have black and white stripes and appear as the fabric moves.

The collection is sold at Shades, the gallery space of The Slate, marking the first time that a This Is Fred collection has been available in Thailand. The pieces will also be on sale at The Stockroom, The Slate’s online store.

The Slate is well known for its artistic and unique collaborations. It previously exhibited works by young artists from Central Saint Martins during its Artists in Residence program and hosted famous Thai tattoo artists Sak Yant for a three-month residency, giving guests the option to receive their own traditional tattoos.

“This Is Fred has a brand philosophy similar to that of The Slate. Our brands have a forward thinking approach and a very bold way of thinking, ”said Na-Ranong.

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