There’s no place like home

August is over. The workers have returned to their millstones, the annual island party is over, and Mallorca is doing well again like clockwork!!!

This time of year usually makes me plan a little break. But where to go? Numerous TV shows document “new experience” breaks, as well as the current trend for “adrenaline rush” vacations, such as bungee jumping from impossibly high cliffs or hang-gliding over bottomless canyons. The other half and I deliberated on what to choose! Walking the Appalachian Trail in flip flops? Racing sand buggies across the Sahara? Or maybe go blindfold rafting in Nepal?

Wherever we have found ourselves in the past, we have always selected our excursions carefully, generally favoring those with a lower risk element. A few years ago, when we were holibobbing in Thailand, Other Half and I didn’t really want the experience of “walking with tigers”, mainly because the simple slip of a trainer controlling the big striped cats used nothing more than a small stick the size of a twig. It could have easily manifested as “mauled by tigers,” so we took a rain check on that one. Our natural survival instincts kicked in and we opted for an elephant ride instead. Yet in reality, when we weighed it in, despite being a wonderful and unforgettable experience, the risk levels were just as high! A ten-ton elephant being guided along the narrow ridge of a steep ravine by a twelve-year-old boy, using only two skinny ankles behind two flapping ears was breathtaking (literally!)

This year, while the international airline circus still struggling to get by, we didn’t want to take ANY unnecessary risks, and that includes traveling to faraway shores, especially when we already have paradise right here on our doorstep!

Many Majorcans don’t even bother to leave the island for their annual vacation and opt for a peaceful stay at the family’s summer home near the coast, or at a beautiful resort somewhere on the island. – sometimes venturing for a week or two to our sister coasts of Menorca or Ibiza. And why not? After all, a vacation is meant to be a relaxing, well-deserved break, not a matter of agonizing survival over transportation and travel plans.

Menorca and Ibiza don’t even need to involve the complication of a busy airport with its constant queues and crowded hallways. A short drive to Alcudia and then ‘WHOOOSH!!’ directly on a ferry. No two-hour check-in, no risk of changed or canceled flights, or missing a connection. And don’t worry about whether or not your suitcases will reach you at your final destination. It’s obvious. The suitcases are in the trunk!

We recently made the decision and booked ourselves into an incredible haven of peace and tranquility right here on the island. An “adults only” agritourism hotel and spa nestled in the beautiful Mallorcan countryside. The property was once a “finca” in an olive grove, with outbuildings and a main house. Today…this small townhouse now features chic villas with private pools, junior suites with secluded terraces, and has been gloriously and elegantly renovated and refurbished into the perfect vacation destination – a truly exquisite island retreat.

Natural Mallorcan stone, pure glass and organic materials abounded to welcome and please the eye. I love how these clever architects combine the traditional look of a project with a contemporary twist, using clean lines and fuss-free space.

Our room was large, airy, super cool and spotless. The bed came from heaven. The grounds were calming and beautifully maintained (love a bit of topiary). The lounging areas were opulent with a serene designer pool to die for!

The food was also “out of this world” with breakfast and evening choices are outstanding, and taken either inside the restaurant or alfresco on the covered terrace. We can’t fault it. And have never been happier living on this glorious island with such “treasures” just a short drive from your home. No wonder savvy tourists flock here, in search of these secret gems!

Having lived here for seventeen years, it’s wonderful to still be able to experience such amazing hideaways without spending an absolute fortune abroad, or stressing out to get there! I think there might be something in the local mantra of “why roam, stay home?” In fact, we had such a wonderful stay that we are planning another similar treatment very soon. And not an elephant in sight. I can not wait !

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