The Maldives are the number one international destination for Indian travellers; Thailand and the United Arab Emirates follow suit

Holding fear of new COVID-19 demand at bay, Indian travelers are tapping into their pent-up demand. The South Asian island nation of the Maldives is the top destination for Indian wanderers in terms of international travel, followed by Thailand and the United Arab Emirates as their next favorite travel destination, according to data from travel portal Agoda. . For Indian travellers, however, domestic travel has remained the top vacation choice.

Apart from the countries mentioned above, Switzerland, Indonesia, France, Singapore, USA, UK, Greece and Turkey are among the top destinations for Indian travelers. Indians seek warmer climates during the festive season, Agoda said. And its South Asian counterparts in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are flocking to cooler temperatures like the UK and US, he added.

Countries that eased travel restrictions after the COVID-19 pandemic eased saw a surge in tourists, while those that maintained restrictions as new cases emerged saw a drop. For example, Japan, China and Hong Kong were among the top travel destinations in 2019, i.e. before the pandemic, but they were not among the top travel choices since the respective governments have maintained a closed border policy, according to Agoda.

Tourists have quickly turned to alternatives such as France, Turkey, Germany and the United Arab Emirates, as these countries have emerged as top destination choices. Switzerland, famous for its rich milk chocolate and mesmerizing Alpine scenery, cracked the top 10 list for all markets, according to the data.

The increase in travel is also due to the fact that May is the festive season and is popular among travelers across Southeast Asia. “For many regions, this year’s Eid celebration marks the first time since the start of the pandemic that Muslims can travel freely, gather and celebrate after the easing of travel restrictions,” Agoda said.

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