The incredible life of Sam Gowland after Geordie Shore – from luxury vacations to building mansions

In a story that could easily be turned into a TV show, Sam Gowland ditched his reality star roots to find huge success after leaving Geordie Shore.

Sam first discovered TV stardom on Love Island in 2017, when he was briefly linked with eventual finalist Olivia Attwood before his relationship with Chris Hughes.

But it was at Newcastle-based Geordie Shore that Sam really made his mark on television, when he was snapped up by producers months after leaving Love Island, to swap a Mallorcan villa for the infamous carpet Tyneside party.

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Sam’s time on the show has been dominated by his on/off relationship with co-star Chloe Ferry and, after things soured between the two, both on-screen in front of millions of viewers and off. screen, as the cameras stopped rolling, Sam’s time on Geordie Shore came to an end.

However, unlike other former stars of the show who fell into obscurity after leaving home for the last time, Sam has made a splash in the business and real estate worlds.

Immediately after leaving Geordie Shore, Sam quickly seized the opportunity to become a budding entrepreneur, putting his name on everything from clothes to watches.

And, if you follow Sam on Instagram, you’ll know he’s also been very successful at selling melted waxes, with him excuse the pun, lyrically waxing, about how customers can make their homes feel like a range of designer perfumes.

Sam’s Insta grid is also full of photos of him having fun as he tossed around the world on a series of luxury vacations, regularly flying to Dubai, Turkey and, more recently, Thailand, where he spent time with his girlfriend Scarlett Rae.

When he’s not packing for another lavish trip abroad, Sam is hard at work on his real estate business, which has picked up steam since he laid out his plans last year.

Ex-Geordie Shore star Sam Gowland is building luxury mansions with their own cinemas and nightclubs

After selling his amazing home in North Tyneside, Sam has announced plans to build a mansion at Wynyard in County Durham, an estate in Sedgefield famous for attracting many Newcastle United players and managers over the years.

After gaining planning approval for his own dream home, Sam launched his own company Sam Gowland Properties and announced he was overseeing the building on a series of mansions in the area, each coming with a movie theatre, a private bar, a gym, a sauna, hammam and hydro-resistance swimming pool.

Sam said he aims to bring ‘Marbella to Teesside’, posting on Instagram: “Proud is once again an underlying statement but doesn’t take away from the hard work and sleepless nights that have made my dreams come true.”

Sam recently celebrated the sale of phase 3 of his mansion development
Sam recently celebrated the sale of phase 3 of his mansion development

And this week, having already sold two phases of properties, Sam, who is still only 26, announced that all properties in phase three had also been taken over.

Reflecting on his real estate career so far and his aspirations for the future in another Insta post, Sam told his growing number of followers: “I’m either crazy or a genius…I’ve bought another piece of land to build another luxury mansion.on…honestly i can’t believe the way life goes from young dreams to adult reality.. i can’t wait to start planning the new design and the new structure of this construction!

“For anyone who knows me knows that I never just sit on what I have and always look for the best thing.”

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