The Executive Talk: Kerry Express (Thailand) PCL (SET: KEX)

BANGKOK, May 16, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Kerry Express (Thailand) PCL KEX Chief Executive Officer Mr. Alex Ng discusses the company’s strategy behind its achievement as the leader in express parcel delivery in the country in The Executive Talk (TET) by ShareInvestor.

1. Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic massively affected the economy. How has this challenged your business and how have you dealt with it?

Many people understand that Kerry must benefit from COVID-19 as more people shop online during the lockdown. Therefore, we have to deliver these packages to their home. So yes, in terms of business growth, we’ve seen strong business growth over the past two years. But generally speaking, we don’t like Covid-19. This has significantly disrupted our daily operations. Labor supply, truck movement and resource management planning have become very difficult. Therefore, we all hope that the Covid-19 crisis will end soon.

However, I have to admit that we handled the crisis very well while many transport, logistics and courier companies did not plan or over-prepare effectively for the situation. You may have read on the news that some businesses have been disrupted. Some had to suspend their sorting processes, while others even had to close their warehouses. But Kerry has maintained very good continuity during COVID-19. This is the reward for our dedication and our good plan. We now work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days and have no holidays.

2. In your opinion, what has proven your leading position in the Thai market?

First, we are the listed company with strong capital. While many logistics companies struggle financially, Kerry Express is focused on improving our operations, such as business strategy and people development. So we are more focused. At the same time, we are not very bureaucratic. While many listed or large corporations can be very bureaucratic, Kerry is an entrepreneurial organization with great mobility and flexibility, which is one of our strengths. However, the most important thing for me is that Kerry Express is very customer dependent. If you attend one of our meetings, we always talk about how to make our customers more and more happy, how to further improve our excellent operations. We always want to be a better person, a better company than yesterday.

3. In your opinion, what are the main threats today?

As you know, we are in a time of war. Indeed, the price of oil does not affect us much. On the contrary, we spend less on fuel costs thanks to our reengineering, which makes our deliveries and transportation more efficient. But if oil prices continue to rise, it will likely put a lot of strain on our finances and operations sooner or later. Therefore, we are working very hard to be more efficient and less dependent on fuel.

In addition, another issue for Thailand and this region is human capital. Today, it is increasingly difficult to find the right talent to work for a company. It’s not because they aren’t smart or that young people aren’t hardworking or progressive. But today, it’s very dynamic, and the work culture is different from ten years or two decades ago. So I think a company like Kerry has to move to a new paradigm. It seems employees are embracing a lot more individuality than they were twenty years ago. The relationship between employer and employee becomes more parallel. Therefore, we tried to adjust ourselves, like a friendly workplace. We are trying to make our office and work environment much more pleasant for employees in order to obtain the best talent in the country and region. People are our only asset, I would say.

4. How would you expand your business ecosystem? Will new services arrive this year or in 2023?

We will never stop developing new products and services. Express and parcel delivery remains our core business. But the expansion of new services will bring more users and persistent users. You may have heard that we are launching a new frozen and chilled food delivery service called “Kerry Cool”. No one does it seriously in the country. And more recently, we just announced a new service with Central Group, “Kerry XL”. We move larger items like furniture and gym equipment. So we are creating a new delivery platform that does not overlap with our existing service.

In addition, we are also rapidly developing a non-delivery platform. We have built a new payment platform called “Kerry Wallet” which combines various payment methods including credit cards, recharge wallets and PromptPay’s QR Code system. Because during the Covid-19, many users turned to cashless payment. We are happy to contain these users in Kerry Wallet, so that they enjoy better and more convenience.

5. How did you prepare to enter the digital dynamic?

From my point of view, preparing for the digital economy is not part of the exercises. Indeed, Kerry has never stopped scanning since day one. Can you imagine that we were the first to invent cash on delivery in Thailand? And it’s still us who launched payment by QR Code on delivery. We doubt many people know this, but our frequent customers have gradually shifted to this payment method. We are a very innovative company. We will not advertise it as a showcase because this kind of thing is not a showcase but a real necessity for the development of the business.

6. Can you tell us about ‘HI-STEP’, Kerry Express’ core value?

“HI-STEP” is our motto, not created by management but by most employees about eight years ago in the workshop. H stands for Honesty, I for Innovation, S for Spirit of Service, T for Teamwork, E for Execution, and last but not least, P stands for Positivity because we want our people to be positive, not negative. These are basic elements or skills that we believe the people of Kerry should have. They even made a song about it. You can listen on YouTube. ( )

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