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If you’re lucky, you live near a reliable, quality Chinese restaurant. And luckily, it seems the majority of Americans are pretty damn lucky in that regard. From coast to coast, there is no shortage of good Chinese addresses, and we have unearthed the best in each state.

To assemble our list, 24/7 Tempo consulted and compared reviews and ratings on a wide range of websites, including Food & Wine, The daily meal, Travel & Leisure, Eater, Free time, Three top rated, Lao Szechuan, Food Newsand Yelpas well as state and regional restaurant listings for each state.

When you think of a neighborhood Chinese restaurant, what comes to mind? It may be a small take-out joint; it may be a larger place decorated with hanging lanterns and lazy susan on each family table. No matter how big the restaurant, dishes like wonton soup, spring rolls, chicken lo mein, sesame chicken, and young foo eggs always seem to be on the menu. But at the best Chinese restaurants, the more you delve into the menu and step out of your comfort zone, the more you’ll be rewarded. (There’s nothing wrong with Chinese-American cuisine, but this is where you can find the best real Chinese food in America.)

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Read on to learn about the best Chinese restaurant in each state. In all likelihood, its menu will allow you to branch out and try a traditional Chinese dish that you have never tried before. But even if you decide to stick with the tried-and-true Chinese-American classics, you won’t be disappointed. (And if you want something other than Chinese, discover the must-visit restaurant in every state.)

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