The 8 best tasting water bottles in Thailand


Because tap water in Thailand is not drinkable, bottled water is a big deal. For some people, choosing the “best-tasting” water is not a difficult thing. After all, water is water, and they all taste the same, don’t they? Well not really. Although the difference between the bottles is nuanced, most people tend to turn to bottled water that they think tastes the best.

And while you can’t tell the difference in flavor, you still need the best bottled water to stay hydrated. Each bottled water comes from different sources and goes through different manufacturing processes, which means that not all of them are of flawless quality.

That’s why below we’ve ranked eight of the best water bottles you can buy in Thailand, including a brief description of how they taste. Of course, such lists tend to be subjective, so you may disagree with our preferences, but we hope we can help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Which bottled water is the best?

Before we start our list here, let’s remember that water in single-use plastic bottles is not the best choice for the environment. We recommend using water filters or trying to order larger recyclable bottles. You can also treat or boil tap water to save money. But if bottled water is the only option for you, here are the top choices in Thailand.

1. Aura

Owned by Tipco, Aura water comes from a natural cold spring in Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai province. Due to the low temperature of the natural cold source, the water completely preserves the beneficial nutrients without any sulfur contamination. With a pH of 7.5, Aura is believed to help reduce acidity and create balance in your body. It also contains a variety of minerals which are beneficial for your body.

Taste: The aura is sweet, with a slight mineral aftertaste. Soft and refreshing, it has an incredibly high drinkability. In terms of taste, we think it’s the big winner on this list.

Price : 11 baht / 500 ml.

PHOTO: Aura from

2. Mont-Fleur

Derived from a natural source rich in minerals in the mountains of Phop Phra district, Tak province, Mount Fleur contains a combination of 8 minerals, all of which are light and can be immediately absorbed by the body. This award-winning bottled water is certified by the CARSO Mineral Research Institute in France and has won the iTQi Superior Taste Awards from Belgium for 3 consecutive years.

Taste: Mount Fleur offers a silky taste that will quench your thirst quickly. It tastes clean and neutral, with only a slight sodium flavor.

Price : 12 baht / 500 ml.

Bottled water

PHOTO: Mont-Fleur.

3. Nestlé Pure Life

Pure Life is the most popular bottled water produced by Nestlé, the world‘s largest food and beverage company. Every drop of water goes through a rigorous 12-step quality process. The water is collected in hygienically designed deep wells, tested regularly, filtered to remove sediment, disinfected using ultraviolet light, and subjected to numerous other treatment processes before being bottled and capped. Even after the long process, the water still retains some of the beneficial minerals from the natural source.

Taste: Crisp and clean taste, with almost no trace of minerals at all. However, some people argue that it tastes too bland.

Price : 10 baht / 600 ml.

Bottled water

PHOTO: Nestlé Pure Life from

4. Sprinkle

Sprinkle is premium drinking water with world-class quality control and certification. Water is extracted from a natural resource and produced through a four-step process using advanced technology. Besides the purity of sprinkler water is known for its distinct design. In fact, it has won several awards for its packaging design, including the iF Design Award 2014.

Taste: The water is very soft and flat. You cannot taste any mineral there. Nonetheless, it is refreshing to drink because it slips easily down your throat.

Price : 7 baht / 550 ml

Bottled water

PHOTO: sprinkle from

5. Purra

Purra is the first mineral water in Thailand to be certified by Aquacert in France. Benefiting from a world-class manufacturing process, Purra offers 100% natural mineral water with silica, calcium, magnesium and various vital vitamins. It also has a pH of 8. It has recently been released with newly designed contemporary labels, which gives it a more modern and sophisticated look.

Taste: It tastes like hospital plastic a bit, but it has a lot of character. It’s a little sweet and earthy – not too bad at all.

Price : 12 baht / 750 ml.

Top 8 Bottled Water In Thailand |  Thaiger News

PHOTO: Purra from @ feelsogood.purra

6. Chang

ThaiBev, which also makes Chang beer, produces Chang drinking water as one of its soft drinks. The water comes from Ayutthaya aquifers. Chang water also received a Monde Selection Gold award in 2018.

Taste: The flavor is very subtle and earthy. It has a silky smooth texture that makes it wonderfully easy to drink. However, some people also say that the mineral taste is too strong and that it is “flat”.

Price : 10 baht / 460 ml.

Top 8 Bottled Water In Thailand |  Thaiger News

PHOTO: Chang bottled water.

7. Crystal

Made with meticulous care, it is the first bottled water in Thailand to meet the international NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standard. In addition, it has received a Quality Award from the Thai Food and Drug Administration for three consecutive years.

Taste: The crystal tastes a bit like tap water, with a metallic aftertaste. However, it has an attractive aroma, with a fine, smooth texture.

Price : 7 baht / 600 ml.

Top 8 Bottled Water In Thailand |  Thaiger News

PHOTO: Crystal

8. Singha

As the name suggests, Singha is another drinking water produced by a major beer maker. Drawn from clean natural water sources, the water is then purified through advanced technological processes to ensure it is clear and clean while retaining beneficial minerals like magnesium, silica and calcium. In addition, Singha enjoys an international quality standard and has been certified by NSF International, USA.

Taste: Stingha tastes thicker than the other bottled waters on this list. It’s also weirdly sweet, so if you’re not a fan of surgical water, this one might not be for you.

Price : 7 baht / 600 ml.

Bottled water

PHOTO: Singha

Next time you’re thirsty (and you don’t have your reusable water bottle with you), why not try grabbing one of the tastiest bottled waters on this list?

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