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Thailand pushes digital payments and rejects US dollar in transition to cashless society Thailand News

The Bank of Thailand and the central banks of four other Southeast Asian countries are
create a cross-border payment zone using QR codes so that Southeast Asians can
make international payments digitally without having to convert and convert back to
U.S. dollars.
Bank hopes to boost use of digital payments to halve cash amount
in circulation in Thailand by 2026, with the aim of transforming Thailand into a
a cashless society.
On Monday, at the G20 summit in Bali, the central bank signed a memorandum of understanding
agreement with the central banks of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and
The Philippines will use QR codes for international payments between the five countries,
without needing to use US dollars.
The bank is also tweaking the PromptPay system used to make digital payments
easier in Thailand.
In a policy statement, the bank argues that the widespread adoption of
payments will increase economic activity. Promote QR code payments within
Thailand and Southeast Asia, the bank is targeting 42% of all payments in Thailand to
be digital by 2024, with each person making 800 digital payments per year. Thailand News

After heavy flooding, Patong Hill road reopens to some traffic Thailand News

Thailand News Today |  Thailand Pushes Digital Payments, Rejects US Dollar |  News by Thaiger

PHOTO: The Patong Hill road has reopened after last night’s flash floods. (via Phuket Information Center)

While officials now believe it will take months to fully repair the damage caused by the storm
highway on Patong Hill, the road has been partially reopened to limited traffic
this morning. The reopening comes after a night of heavy rain caused flash
flooding all around the island. Kathu and Phuket Town were particularly affected
by torrential downpours.
Amid heavy rain in dangerous conditions, Patong police closed the entrance
checkpoint at Wat Patong to the road on the hill at 10 p.m. Their counterparts on
the other side of the hill closes their checkpoint at 10:30 p.m., prohibiting all traffic from
enter the dangerous roadway.
After the rain fell, authorities reopened the Patong Hill road at 7:30 a.m. The
the road was not open to all traffic, with only pedestrians and motorbikes
allowed in both directions. Large freight trucks were not allowed on the road at
everything. And cars, vans and vans for granted Passage only come
descent from Patong to Kathu. The same types of cars are not allowed to travel in the
opposite direction again.
The road was first closed a few weeks ago after heavy rain caused damage.
Authorities initially reopened the road to pedestrian traffic only. Then when the roads were
stabilized a week later, the authorities began to allow the passage of motorcycles on Patong
Hill. The road had just been reopened to small car traffic when it had to be closed
again two days later due to security concerns. Officials found that despite the use
the traffic lane closest to the embankment, the weight of the cars traveling there
widened the cracks that already existed at the roadside, according to the
Phuket Information Center.

Local road closed after shoe factory fire beside Bang Na-Trat highway Thailand News

Firefighters at the scene of the Summit Footwear factory fire in Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan province on Tuesday evening.  (Photo: Sutthiwit Chayutworakan)
The authorities closed to traffic a road parallel to the exit of Bang Na-
Trat Highway, due to fears that a shoe factory, which was heavily damaged by
a fire last night (Tuesday), could collapse, posing a risk to motorists.
Firefighters took about five hours to extinguish the blaze at the factory, which is a
five-story building and which was heavily damaged, officials said.
Two workers were burned in the fire which broke out around 5:30 p.m. The first one
floor of the building is the showroom and the other floors are production units and
shoe storage.
The closure of a 300 meter section of the road parallel to KM15 on the outward
the highway caused traffic jams for several kilometres, said
officials of the Bang Chalong Tambon Administrative Organization (TAO).
They explained that the road closures are necessary for the safety of motorists. Thailand News

Pattani’s first Muslim female housekeeper hailed on social media

Thailand News Today |  Thailand Pushes Digital Payments, Rejects US Dollar |  News by Thaiger

Photo by Pateemoh via Pateemoh Sateeyamu’s Facebook page.

Former Deputy Governor of Thailand’s Narathiwat and Yala Provinces Pateemoh
Sadeeyamu became the first female Muslim governor of Pattani province in
an appointment approved by the cabinet yesterday (Tuesday).
His appointment was welcomed by many in the restless Pattani
province, including “We Peace”, a network of women dedicated to the restoration
of peace in the Great South of the country.
Assistant Professor Chiraphan Sema, former lecturer to the Prince of Songkhla
University, Pattani Campus, said Pateemoh’s appointment is good news for
the people of Pattani, because she is intelligent, has vast experience and is a good
understanding of the problems in the southern region.
Pateemoh, 57, entered civil service at the Home Office in
1993 and served in several southern provinces including Ranong, Yala,
Narathiwat, Pattani and Phatthalung, and in the southern border provinces
Administration Center as Director of the Central Administration Office. Thailand News

Rare Asian golden cat spotted in northeast Thailand

Thailand News Today |  Thailand Pushes Digital Payments, Rejects US Dollar |  News by Thaiger

Photos via Jirawan Khlaithong

Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary posted photos on Facebook of rare Asian gold
spotted cat strolling on a road in Chaiyaphum Province, northeast Thailand.
In the Thai language, the Asian golden cat is called Suea Fai (Fire Tiger). The
the species is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
due to habitat loss and illegal poaching.
The wildlife sanctuary said the photos were taken in February by a photographer
Jirawan Khlaithong. The sanctuary has educated the public about the threats
“The Asian Golden Cat is a medium-sized tiger with a firm form. It has rather
long legs, a torso in soft colors and some patterns.
“[The wild cat] is a reddish-brown color, similar to the color of a barking deer.
At first glance, you may think it is a barking deer. Some Asian golden cats have
black, brown or gray patterns and distinctive stripes on their faces above their eyes.
They have long tails and the bottom of the tail is always white. belly and
under the tail are also white.
“It is nocturnal and hunts alone on the ground. Asian golden cat’s favorite
foods include rats, rabbits, baby barking deer, and small birds.
“They are found in evergreen and mixed forests. Cats have a gestation period
of 100 days, giving birth to one or two babies at a time (so we rarely see babies
Asian golden cats).
“They weigh around 12-15 kilograms, which is quite light.” Thailand News

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