Thailand News Today | Are face masks mandatory on Thai flights?

Face masks on Thai flights?

The world is coming out of the pandemic, but is it Thailand? You may see people on domestic flights in Thailand wearing masks, but are they mandatory?

The Thai government made face masks “voluntary” in June, but still recommends wearing them in crowded spaces. A statement in the Royal Gazette said so.

Wearing a mask is a voluntary practice. The Ministry of Public Health only recommends that the general public wear masks when they are with others in a crowded or poorly ventilated place.

Some places, like the BTS SkyTrain in Bangkok, say they ask passengers to wear face masks on the train. However, I tested this myself, and so far no one has kept telling me to put on a diaper.

The planes are considered identical. Wearing face masks on domestic flights is not a legal requirement, but a few airlines still recommend them. Some airlines may push for mask wearing more than others.

Bangkok Airlines, where I have flown several times without a mask since the government announcement, told The Thaiger that wearing face masks is not necessary. They also do not require the presentation of a Covid test or vaccination result.

Thai Smile also told The Thaiger that face masks are not mandatory, but they recommend wearing them during the flight. I’ve flown on it once without a mask since the announcement, and no one said anything.

However, AirAsia flights said cabin crew will likely ask passengers to wear masks unless they are eating. However, a passenger opposed to the mask told The Thaiger that they had flown on AirAsia several times in the past three weeks and were not wearing a mask. They do however announce over the loudspeaker system: ‘Please wear a mask at all times’ but there were no real consequences.

Similarly, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air and Thai VietJet recommend wearing a mask during flights but do not require it.

The national airline, Thai Airways, which serves domestic and international flights, recommends but does not mandate the use of face masks.

A passenger flying from the UK to Bangkok with Thai Airways told The Thaiger

“From the time I boarded the plane until now, I have not worn a mask or been asked to wear one. On the flight, only Thais wore them and a few non-Thais. Same at Suvarnabhumi airport.


Flood levels in Rangsit district

Flood levels in Rangsit district of Pathum Thani province near Bangkok are dangerous after nine water pumps failed. It will fix after three days.

The district’s official website revealed that the water level in the Rangsit canal had risen to 1.8 meters this morning.

Rangsit had 20 water pumps in operation, but nine broke down.

The director of the water management project in the southern part of Rangsit revealed yesterday that the sub-contracting company which handled the repairs of the water pump had run out of spare parts. At the height of the rainy season,….and reported that spare parts would be delivered from overseas, which takes about three days.

The director of the Royal Department of Irrigation promised residents that he would find more water pumps to replace those that had broken down and were waiting to be repaired.

The Rangsit municipal office announced today that it will support residents affected by the floods. Additionally, the bureau urged flood victims to provide any damages through the online platform.


Tourists gathered at Phanom Rung Historical Park.

Tourists gathered at Phanom Rung Historical Park in Isaan province in Buriram this morning to observe a solar phenomenon through the 15 gates of the ancient temple of Phanom Rung. This event only takes place four times a year.

Phanom Rung Temple is located on Phanom Rung mountain in Chaloemprakiat district of Buriram province. The temple, built between the 15th and 18th Buddhist centuries, is made of pink sandstone in an ancient Khmer architectural style.

Phanom Rung also evolved from the Khmer language, which means excellent mountain.

What makes this place even more remarkable is the solar phenomenon through the gates of the temple which only occurs four times a year. You can see the phenomenon during

  • The sunset from March 5 to 7
  • Sunrise April 3-5
  • Sunrise September 8-10
  • And In the evening from October 5 to 7

The date and month may be slightly different for each year.

Today is the first day of the third solar phenomenon of this year. Many tourists, mostly Thais, gathered at Phanom Rung Historical Park this morning to capture the best shot of the sunrise through the 15 gates.

People waited there from 5:50 a.m. Unfortunately, the solar phenomenon is only visible for a few seconds. The report said the light was not as bright as tourists expected due to overcast skies.

A visitor informed the media that it was exciting to watch the sunrise at the temple. It was worth being there, even if it was briefly and the light was not obvious.

Visitors have two more days to witness the temple’s iconic sunrise on September 9-10.

Locals near the temple also host the annual Phanom Rung Festival 2022. Visitors can expect a parade, religious ceremony, performance, and Isaan-style street food.


A fire broke out at an Indian restaurant in Phuket

A fire broke out at an Indian restaurant in Phuket’s popular tourist town of Patong in the early hours of the morning. Firefighters rushed to the restaurant on Taweewong Road to find it on fire.

Firefighters took 40 minutes to bring the flames under control. The restaurant was damaged, but fortunately no injuries were reported. The restaurant owner said no one was inside as the restaurant was closed and staff did not live on site. The fire, however, woke up and frightened the residents.

Believing that an electrical short circuit causes a fire. The Phuket judicial police are continuing their investigation.

This news comes after another fire broke out in a Patong Bar last month. The blaze caused a massive power outage on Bangla Road for several hours, and a picture showed a crowd of people opposite the bar watching firefighters work for nearly an hour to bring the situation under control.


Submit ideas for Thai names for a star and a planet

Astronomy enthusiasts can now submit ideas for Thai names for a star and a planet. The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand is inviting applications from Thai names for an international competition titled “NameExpoWorlds 2022”.

The contest aims to name the planets and stars outside the solar system that have been discovered or confirmed this year. Narit researcher Suphachai Awiphan said yesterday that the institute is inviting people to submit Thai names for the star GJ 3470 and the planet GJ 3470b which orbits it.

Astronomers can submit their name ideas via the link in the description of the video until October 7th. Submit your star name ideas here

A committee will select ten teams to make short videos explaining their concepts and meanings. Finally, the committee will choose two team name ideas for the public to vote on.

Names should be four to 16 characters long when written in English. According to the submission form, names must be…

“…for objects, people or places of cultural significance. History or geography that has a long history that deserves to be remembered.

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