Technology is Taiwan’s security guarantee: Tsai


  • By Lin Chia-nan / Journalist, in Tainan and Kaohsiung

Technology is the nation’s security guarantee, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said yesterday, expressing the hope of making the world “more dependent on Taiwan.”

Tsai made the remarks during visits to the Cybersecurity and Smart Technology R&D building of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Tainan and a planned science park in Ciaotou District in Kaohsiung (æ©‹é ­).

The Gueiren District Cyber ​​Security Building (歸仁) is home to 14 cybersecurity companies and the southern branch of the ministry’s start-up incubator, Taiwan Tech Arena. The building is part of the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City.

Photo: Lee Hui-chou, Taipei Times

“The world is watching Taiwan, especially its technological development,” Tsai said, adding that the nation should accelerate innovation.

Taiwan’s advanced technology and manufacturing prowess are essential to its survival and security, she said, adding that Taiwanese technology would help the nation forge closer ties with the world.

New high-tech industrial hubs would be created not only in northern and central Taiwan, but also in the south, she said.

“Taiwan would become the biggest technology cluster in the world,” she added.

Five years ago, few people wanted to move to work in Gueiren, but the district center is expected to become the birthplace of Asia’s most advanced cybersecurity technology, with innovative start-ups, the Minister of Science and Technology. Wu Tsung-tsong Technology (吳 政 å¿ ) mentioned.

A cybersecurity base managed by the national applied research laboratories affiliated with the ministry is located on the fifth floor of the building.

The base is responsible for cultivating cybersecurity talent and promoting cooperation between universities and industry, said Steven Tsai (蔡一郎), a researcher at the cybersecurity center.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have increasingly embraced remote operations and placed an increasing emphasis on identity certification, hence the need for cybersecurity defenses, did he declare.

Connected to the facilities of the National High Performance Computing Center, the cybersecurity base would hold regular cyber attack and defense exercises, he said.

One of the companies stationed in the new building, Systex Solutions Corp (精誠 資訊), considers the new space attractive due to its proximity to Southern Taiwan Science Park (南部 科學 園區), the technical director of the operations division and of Systex services, Erin Chang (張莉婷) mentioned.

With the return of more businesses to Taiwan, the region is expected to attract more new businesses, she said.

Systex, which offers cybersecurity solutions, hopes to gain many customers among these companies, she added.

Ciaotou Science Park (橋頭 科學 園區), which is under construction, is looking to recruit companies in the semiconductor, electric vehicle, and information and communications technology sectors, Su Chen said. kang (蘇振綱), director general of the administration office of the southern science park. .

The planned science park would cover 352.44 hectares, including 186.49 hectares of industrial zones, 39.79 hectares of residential and commercial areas and 126.16 hectares of green land.

The park’s development plan was approved by the Environmental Protection Administration in September.

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai (陳 其 邁) said the city government will provide full assistance to companies looking to establish bases in the new science park, including meeting the demand for water and electricity. .

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