TAT’s Amazing Thailand Gala Dinner in Paris celebrates gastronomy and sustainable tourism

Chaired by HRH Princess Ubolratanarachakanya Siriwatanaphanwadi, the event promotes the “Visit Thailand Year 2022 – 2023: Amazing Thailand New Chapters” campaign and concludes TAT’s recent roadshow in Europe.

Paris, France – HRH Princess Ubolratanarachakanya Siriwatanaphanwadi graciously chaired the “Amazing Gala Dinner in Thailand” organized in Paris on May 31, 2022 by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to highlight the kingdom’s gastronomy and sustainable tourism. The event took place just a week after TAT successfully conducted the “Amazing roadshow about new chapters in Thailand” in Amsterdam, Ghent and Paris, from May 23 to 25.

Mr. Yuthasak SupasornGovernor of the TAT, said: “TAT organized the Amazing Thailand Gala Dinner to express its thanks to our partners and friends from Thailand in Paris, while reiterating the awareness of our “Visit Thailand Year 2022 – 2023: Amazing Thailand New Chapters” tourism marketing campaign. The event also aims to communicate to French and European travelers that Thailand is now fully open to tourism.

“HRH Princess Ubolratanarachakanya Siriwatanaphanwadi graced the Amazing Thailand Gala Dinner and offered a word of encouragement to tourism businesses, while inviting travelers to visit Thailand, saying: “No matter what challenges we face, we will always be the land of smiles. As we return to normalcy, I encourage you all to fill your hearts with optimism and remember that smiles are more contagious than any disease or war and there are millions of smiles waiting for you. again in Thailand. On behalf of the people of Thailand, we look forward to welcoming you back to our land of smiles very soon.

Attended by 39 local tour operators, travel agents and members of the media in Paris, the Amazing Thailand gala dinner highlighted Thai cultural values ​​based on the Thai foundations of soft power 6F, 4M; namely, Food, Movie, Fashion, Festival, Fight, Friendship, Music, Museum, Master and Meta.

TAT focused on showcasing the kingdom’s gastronomy and sustainable tourism at the Paris dinner event, as part of the plan to strengthen Thailand’s position as a global gastronomy destination and promote the sixth year of presence of the MICHELIN Guide in Thailand.

The evening saw award-winning French and Thai chefs together create a gourmet four-course menu as part of the ‘zero food waste’ approach using Thai herbs and spices in combination with locally sourced French ingredients.

Presenting from Thailand was Chef Chumpol Jangprai of R-HAAN (2 Michelin star restaurant in Bangkok, 2020-2021) and a sustainable food ambassador for F[email protected]

From France, chef Ange Lelievre of the Four Seasons Hotel George V’s Le Cinq (3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris, 2022) and world third place in the Concours de Pâté-Croûte 2019.

The ‘Welcome to Thailand’ canape pass around presented French Lap mushroom croquette (Thai spicy salad), Isan foie gras sausage, Thai coconut pancake (khanom khrok) topped with caviar and French oyster with Thai spicy seafood sauce.

The ‘Summer holidays’ hors d’oeuvres served sous vide asparagus seasoned with pink salt with Thai herbs alongside smoked Brittany scallops and a Tom Kha caviar cream sauce (Thai coconut soup) flavored with herbs and flowers of summer.

The main course “Royal Blue Lobster Sustainable” served royal blue lobster poached in Burgundy butter with Thai jasmine rice cooked in Gruyère cheese. This was complemented by a Thai massaman curry with baby potatoes and artichokes, Thai herbs and French mushroom bisque sauce, and an assortment of colorful vegetables.

There ‘The ‘Home Sweet Home’ dessert completed the palate with Thai pandan sweet sticky rice served with coconut ice cream parfait and three varieties of Thai mangoes (Nam Dok Mai, Maha Chanok and Ok Rong). Added to the sweet treat were ‘Petit Four’; namely, khanom darathong (golden star), luk chup (shaped mung beans), Thai lychee macaroons and Thai whiskey flavored truffle chocolate.

Prior to hosting the Amazing Thailand Gala Dinner, TAT held the Amazing Thailand New Chapters roadshow in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Ghent, Belgium; and Paris, France May 23-25. Introducing the concept “From A to Z, Amazing Thailand has it all”, the activity was joined by representatives from 13 Thai tourism companies and airlines, and in each city, 60 local tour operators and travel agents participated.

France is one of Thailand’s top 10 visitor market sources, after China, Malaysia, Germany, Japan, Russia, UK, South Korea, USA and India. In 2019, Thailand recorded 1,932,337 million trips by French visitors, up 3.32% year-on-year.

Since Thailand eased travel restrictions and reopened to tourism, from July 2021 to March 2022, European travelers have made 522,680 trips to Thailand. This number included 53,727 trips by French travelers, making it the fifth largest market during the period, after Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In 2022, TAT expects Thai tourism to generate revenue of 1.5 trillion baht and record 7-10 million foreign traveler trips.

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