Take an exotic elephant night tour in Phuket


Travelers are by nature adventurous. They always want to experience something completely new on their vacation that will provide them with memories for the rest of their lives, not to mention the bragging rights to their friends and family. One of the experiences that is gaining popularity is going on an overnight excursion with the elephants in Phuket, Thailand.

Making an overnight visit with them actually takes a few days of your time. You will be picked up from your accommodation (if you are staying in one of the main tourist towns) early in the morning of the first day and returned to your residence in the late morning of the second day.

You will be in the jungle, far from civilization, with a herd of nice and friendly people. You will also have comfortable accommodation in a spacious tent and be fed delicious Thai buffet meals. You can explore the surroundings of the surrounding jungle or spend as much as you want on feeding, swimming and playing with the elephants.

Elephant Jungle Safari organizes a visit to their sanctuary in the jungle of Phuket. Here is the full program of an unforgettable Phuket overnight excursion with some of them that you will soon get to know by first name. Prepare to be muddy and wet, working with elephant poop, and loving every minute of it.

Day one

You arrive at the sanctuary trailhead around 8am, where you will enjoy a snack and a drink while listening to a guide introduce you to the program and explain a bit about the habits of the elephants that you will be. observing.

The walk to the campsite is a bit of a hike, so be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. Once you arrive at the campsite, you will have a meal and prepare to meet the elephants. First, you will help prepare natural food supplements to feed the elephants as you get to know them.

The rest of the afternoon you will spend interacting with the elephants. You’ll take a mud spa with them, swim with them, and in the late afternoon join them in a giant outdoor elephant shower.

After drying off and changing, you will have a late Pad Thai lunch and have the rest of the evening to explore the area, have dinner, rest in your tent, or see what the elephants are doing after dark.

Day two

You will be woken up early and have time to prepare yourself before breakfast. After breakfast, you will be invited to participate and learn how to make paper and soap from elephant poop. Notice we said “guest”. If you prefer to avoid this activity, you can try feeding the elephants and saying goodbye to them and the staff.

You will be transported back to civilization with fond memories of the night you spent in the jungle with them. Contact Elephant Jungle Safari if this sounds like an experience you or the whole family would like to have.


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