Restaurants reminded to follow Covid-19 safety for the holidays


Although many people do not plan to travel during the next vacation, the health ministry has reminded restaurants to follow Covid-19 prevention rules, especially with the growing number of tourists for the holidays.

The department general manager said that with the long holiday weekends ahead, more travelers can be expected to frequent restaurants, especially in areas popular for tourism and near tourist attractions. . The Ministry of Health therefore reiterates the need to follow health and safety guidelines and Covid-19 prevention regulations in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19 throughout Thailand.

Restaurants should already follow the rules and guidelines set by the government for pandemic safety. Tables should be spaced 1 or 2 meters from each other, and restaurants should be ventilated as much as possible. Toilets should be cleaned every hour or two, and all contact points in the facility should also be sanitized every 1 to 2 hours.

Customers are allowed to stay for a maximum of two hours (which will likely reduce the likelihood of restaurants acting as makeshift bars with patrons staying and drinking alcohol for hours, which could cause them to shut down. relax on measures to prevent Covid-19 and spread infection). All diners should wear masks when not eating and, upon departure, their tables should be cleared and thoroughly cleaned.

Dishes and cooking utensils should also be thoroughly cleaned, and regulations even require separate serving spoons for all shared dishes for added safety against the spread of Covid-19 infections.

Restaurants are also responsible for screening customers upon entering for Covid-19 security practices. All customers of catering establishments should also use the Thai Save Thai mobile app. Department of Health urges all restaurants to be vigilant in the fight against Covid-19 so that the holidays do not result in massive epidemics of viruses spreading across the country as seen in April from the holidays by Songkran.

THE SOURCE: National Information Bureau of Thailand

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