PPAO obtains 5,000 doses of Moderna as ‘third booster injection’ and requests more


PHUKET: Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (PPAO) President Rewat Areerob has confirmed that Phuket will receive 5,060 doses of the Thai Red Cross Moderna vaccine and is seeking to make more available to residents of Phuket.

PPAO President Rewat Areerob is pushing for vaccines “that our people want to receive, and of course not Sinovac.” Photo: PPAO

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The 5,060 doses of Moderna will be used to immunize people at risk who have not received any vaccine injections, Rewat explained.

The priority list of recipients is:

  1. Bedridden patients, disabled people, pregnant women
  2. Seniors over 70
  3. Doctors and medical staff working in rural areas
  4. Teachers in kindergartens, nurseries and schools
  5. Officials who must come into close contact with infected and high-risk contacts, and members of the general public who cannot be vaccinated as part of the state’s current vaccination campaign

“These people will receive the vaccine injection for free, and we already have a list of people to receive these vaccine doses,” Mr. Rewat said.

As revealed yesterday, Mr Rewat added this morning that the PPAO is seeking to obtain many more doses of the vaccine in order to provide third ‘booster shots’ to medical staff and other frontline workers, and to offer residents of Phuket the choice of vaccine to receive. .

“In fact, I’ve also already explained to the Thai Red Cross that we want a total of 89,329 doses of Moderna vaccine to be provided to people as a third injection, but they can only give us the 5,060 doses at the moment. . If they have any vaccine left over, they could give us more in the future, ”he said.

“In the meantime, I have also contacted a company whose name I cannot reveal to purchase doses of the vaccine as a third dose for our people,” continued Mr Rewat.

“The vaccine will be Moderna or Pfizer. Basically, these will be the vaccines that our people want to receive, and of course not Sinovac, ”he said.

“The vaccine will only be used for the third dose, as the central government provided the first and second doses,” he said.

“To receive the future third dose, people will have to register online, through a website like PhuketMustWin.com, but we will be creating our own new registration platform,” he added.

Meanwhile, the PPAO continues its door-to-door efforts to ensure that local residents have the opportunity to be vaccinated, Mr Rewat said.

“We will work with the medical staff to knock on doors to provide our people with the first and second injections vaccines, especially for those who cannot come to be vaccinated at the vaccination posts. For more information, please call PPAO Phuket Provincial Hospital on 1131, ”Mr. Rewat concluded.


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