Police arrest serial thief after Supercheap robbery

PHUKET: A thief who was on police bail for previous offenses was apprehended yesterday (October 26) after he and an accomplice robbed a convenience store in Laem Chan on Tuesday.

The criminal duo carried out the robbery at the Thep Anusorn branch of Supercheap around 11pm on Tuesday evening.

Store staff managed to apprehend one of the attackers but the other fled on a motorbike.

The apprehended thief, confirmed to be 29-year-old Mr Thananuwat, was taken by officers to Wichit Police Station where he was given a drug test. His urine test came back positive and the man confirmed to officers that he had taken methamphetamine, otherwise known as ‘ya ice’.

He was later arrested for consuming category 1 narcotics.

The next day, the police were able to track down the second thief, a Mr. Chisanupong, who had managed to escape from the store following the robbery. They also seized the motorbike he used to flee the scene as evidence along with two methamphetamine pills (ya bah) and 0.34 grams of ya ice. Police have not confirmed where he was arrested.

After further questioning at Wichit police station, Chitsanupong, 30, admitted he had taken eight methamphetamine pills before committing the robbery the previous evening. He was later charged with possession and consumption of class 1 narcotics.

Thananuwat and Chitsanupong confessed to being charged with theft, although officers did not disclose what items were stolen or how the theft occurred.

It also emerged that Thananuwat was still on bail after committing robberies at Big C branches in Laem Chan and Sai Yuan in March this year.

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