Phuket woman scammed for B500,000 by gang posing as police and bank officials

PHUKET: A Phuket woman has filed a complaint with the police after her savings were cheated by what she claimed was a gang posing as police officers and bank officials.

The 49-year-old Karon resident, using the pseudonym Miss Phi, holds up her complaint filed with Karon police. Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub

The 49-year-old Karon resident, using the pseudonym Miss Phi, filed a formal complaint with Phuket police, reporting that the criminals claimed to be Chon Buri police officers and Bangkok Bank officials and cheated her out of her B500,000 savings.

Miss Phi said she received a call around 6.30pm last Saturday (January 15) from someone claiming to be an employee of Bangkok Bank’s Chon Buri branch. The caller said Miss Phi had an unpaid credit card debt of B26,000 which needed to be settled immediately or face legal action.

When Miss Phi disputed the charge, saying she had never even owned a credit card, had never taken out a loan or borrowed money from the bank, she was transferred to what the employee from the bank claimed to be a Chon Buri police officer who could provide further information on this matter.

According to Ms Phi, the bogus cop said his bank account in Bangkok was used for money laundering and had been used to deposit illegal funds generated by a drug operation, the leader of which had since been apprehended.

The officer then shared real photos of a random drug seizure with Miss Phi, claiming they were from the incident she had become embroiled in.

Miss Phi then said the officer asked her to transfer the wrongfully received amount of B504,432.04 which would be verified, he said, and then returned to his account within two hours. Ms Phi then made eight different transactions in a Kasikornbank account under the name of Mr Aekpanya Kongmun.

After Miss Phi completed the transfers, another person posing as a Chon Buri police officer told her over the phone that she would receive a call back within five minutes. Less than three minutes after that call ended, Miss Phi called the number given to her, but there was no answer.

Convinced she had been duped by the gang, Miss Phi turned herself in to Karon police at around 4.30pm yesterday (January 17), taking all her bank details and relevant transaction receipts with her.

She said the amount had been in her account for about seven years and was being kept to buy a house for her father. Miss Phi added that she wanted to take legal action against the criminals even though the details were not known to her or the police.

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