Phuket Soi Dog volunteers to brave the Himalayas to raise funds for the foundation

A Soi Dog Foundation volunteer in Phuket plans to brave a trek through the rugged Himalayan Mountains to raise money for the foundation. The volunteer, Yanisa, 51, wants to summit the 6,419-meter Mount Chulu West with her husband in 21 days. Yanisa and her husband, Rohun, 65, will depart Kathmandu, Nepal on April 27, and finish around May 20, depending on weather conditions at altitude.

The two plan to venture across a dangerously steep and narrow snowy ridge, with a drop of thousands of feet on either side. Yanisa admits she’s nervous about her upcoming expedition, saying, “I’m very anxious about the expedition and will try to reach the top if I can.”

Yanisa and Rohun have set up a Facebook page, and Soi Dog’s website has a link where people can donate money to sponsor them. Animal lovers at heart, the couple adopted four rescue dogs. On their campaign’s Facebook page, they say the goal is to raise awareness of animal welfare in Asia, saying…

“…our goal is to raise awareness of the appalling suffering of sick, injured, abandoned and homeless street dogs and cats in Southeast Asia.”

The Facebook page notes that donations go directly to Soi Dog at no charge or fee. Donations can be made in any currency.

THE SOURCE: Press release

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