Phuket scores 20 new COVID cases, three deaths

PHUKET: The latest daily COVID situation report from the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO) reported 20 new confirmed local infections across the island yesterday (July 28), bringing the total number of infections recorded since January 1 at 54,109.

The PPHO daily report for July 28, marked as accurate as of 6 p.m. last night, went live at 9:28 p.m.

The report reported no new infections among arrivals from abroad, as under new entry measures introduced on May 1, international arrivals are no longer tested for COVID-19 upon arrival.

The report marked three new deaths attributed to COVID-19, bringing the July total to 20 deaths attributed to COVID-19 and the total number of COVID deaths reported so far this year to 141*.

Officials marked three COVID deaths in June, five in May, 20 in April, 56 in March, 27 in February and 10 in January.

Meanwhile, the 20 new local infections reported bring the total number of new local infections reported on the island to 108 over the past seven days, as follows:

  • July 22 – 16 new cases
  • July 23 – 20 new cases
  • July 24 – 14 new cases
  • July 25 – 14 new cases
  • July 26 – 11 new cases
  • July 27 – 13 new cases
  • July 28 – 20 new cases

The report reported three people infected with COVID-19 in other provinces before entering Phuket since Jan. 1, as well as eight returning from other countries and testing positive, and no COVID patients brought back to Phuket as part. of “Bring the People Home from Phuket”.

The report still points to 6,391 Phuket Sandbox arrivals who tested positive for the virus after landing on the island since January 1, and 2,906 Test & Go tourists who tested positive on arrival since January 1.

According to the July 28 report, there are 87 people under medical care or supervision, three more than the 84 reported yesterday.

The report also marked 14 people discharged from medical care for a COVID infection yesterday – but did not give a total for the number of patients discharged from medical care since January 1.

The report recorded 210 people who tested positive by the antigen test kit (ATK), while the total number of people reported as currently being held in ‘COVID-19 care centres’ across the island remained at zero.

According to the July 28 report, there are 20 “red” patients (zero change), 52 “yellow” patients (-14) but did not indicate the number of “green” patients.

During this time, no one who tested positive for COVID-19 was in a “hospital” (zero change), and none were designated to recover in “community isolation” (zero change).

The report also noted that out of 159 total hospital beds available (+9), 72 were occupied (-14).

*As of July 1, the PPHO continues to report one additional death in the total that was never included in the individual daily counts. (See here and here.)

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