Phuket residents angered by confusion in Pfizer queue

PHUKET: Local residents expressed their anger over the poor organization of Pfizer walk-in vaccinations at Saphan Hin Indoor Sports Stadium yesterday (December 2).

One of the biggest concerns was that people would stand outside for hours on end with no social distancing imposed in queues while waiting to be told to enter the stadium.

When Phuket news arrived at 11 am, residents argued with the organizers, calling on them to better organize the waiting area outside the stadium.

Numerous people had been waiting outside the stadium since 5 a.m. and some of the officers present were accused of letting strangers skip the line.

After yelling at the officers a lot and being ordered to calm down, the situation was resolved and the vaccinations continued.

A woman who asked to be called “Mrs. Somjai” (not her real name), who had brought her daughter to be vaccinated, yesterday reported the poor organization.

“The arrangement of the chairs is without spacing. Temperature measurements are only taken before entering the building, and there appears to be no organization of queues. People stand so close that they breathe through their necks, ”she said.

“And a lot of people here have been out in the sun for at least two hours,” she added.

“Today the staff are not as ready as they have been in other vaccination centers, which have been very tidy. When I took another girl to be vaccinated at another center, I saw no problem. The queues were neat and it was very organized. But today, the vaccination center is not at all safe. There is actually a greater risk of the coronavirus spreading, ”Ms. Somjai said.

Chun Phromanong, 64, had been waiting in the queue since 7 a.m. He was angered by a group of four to five strangers with young children who arrived and were ushered into the stadium in front of the crowds. He expressed his concern to officials there.

“I’m 64 and think about it, I can’t go home and I’ve been here in the queue since 7am. There must be someone who has the power to fix this. Let’s be clear about whether we have enough vaccine doses. If the vaccine is exhausted, it should be noted that it is gone because now more and more people are starting to come. Is there enough vaccine[doses]? They have to say it clearly, ”Mr. Chun said.

“They did not reach 1,500 [the number of vaccination injections promoted to be provided at the stadium yesterday], and I don’t know, I’m still in a tent, ”he said, referring to the stadium named in Thai as the“ 4,000 seat stadium ”.

“They say people over 60 are more at risk and we shouldn’t wait [to be vaccinated], but I waited [in the queue] since 8:30 am, now it’s noon and I haven’t had my vaccine [injection]. I understand that there are a lot of people waiting to be vaccinated, but I am ready to give up. I’d rather die, ”he said.

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