Phuket ready to welcome charter flights from Russia

Phuket Vice Governor Pichet said 496 Russian tourists have flown to Phuket under the Sandbox program since September 1, with hopes that airlines will soon launch direct flights between Russia and Phuket. (File photo – Phi Phi Island)

Vice Governor of Phuket Pichet Panapong met Russian Consul General in Phuket Vladimir V. Sosnov to exchange views on reopening Thailand to foreign tourists as part of the Phuket Sandbox program, and to discuss charter flights from Russia to Phuket.

The Russian consul general said many Russians were interested in coming to Thailand under the Phuket Sandbox program, but the Russian government was still concerned about the number of COVID-19 infections in Thailand. This discouraged travel to Thailand until the number of infections dropped to a level deemed safe, which was 40 infections per 100,000 people.

The vice governor of Phuket told the consul general that the infection rate in Phuket is between 30 and 100,000 people and said that strict disease control measures are being implemented on the island. More than 70% of people in Phuket are fully vaccinated and coverage of booster shots is expected to reach 70% by the end of this month.

Mr Pichet said that 496 Russian tourists have traveled to Phuket under the Sandbox program since September 1. The hope was that the airlines would launch direct flights from Russia to Phuket, with the vice governor also asking the Russian government to approve charter flights to Phuket. (NNT)

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