Phuket has plenty of water for the dry season, says Anuphap

PHUKET: Although Phuket has seen below-average rainfall throughout the past year, there is still plenty of water in the island’s three main reservoirs to safely supply tourists and residents alike. island throughout the coming dry season, Phuket Deputy Governor Anuphap Rodkwan Yodrabum said yesterday. (February 3).

Mr Anuphap made the announcement during a meeting at the Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Phuket (DDPM-Phuket) in the new Phuket Provincial Hall, joined by DDPM-Phuket Chief Udomporn Kan.

“In summary, the average rainfall was lower [than usual] in 2021, but the three main reservoirs revealed still have plenty of water. Therefore, in this time when we are entering the dry season, the problem of water shortages is not a concern,” Mr. Anuphap said.

Sophol Namnoi, from the Phuket office of the Royal Department of Irrigation, gave the current water levels of the island’s three main reservoirs as follows:

  • Bang Wad reservoir (Kathu): 9.07 million cubic meters (88.9% of the capacity of 10.22 million m3)
  • Bang New Dum Reservoir (Srisoonthorn): 6.58 nm m3 (91.5% of 7.18 nm m3 capacity)
  • Khlong Kata Reservoir (Chalong): 3.96 nm of m3 (95.6% of the capacity of 4.14 nm of m3)

However, Deputy Governor Anuphap noted, “While this is unlikely to be an issue this year, plans need to be made to prepare for drought to avoid water shortages in Phuket.”

Before being promoted to deputy governor of Phuket earlier this month, Mr Anuphap served for years in Phuket as the administrative director of Phuket Province (Palad).

He was on the island to witness firsthand the severe water shortages the island suffered in 2019, when the military was called in to truck water to Phuket from neighboring provinces, and M Anpharp visited the island during the water shortage in 2020.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan visited Phuket in person in November 2020 to order the Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) to investigate and expedite projects to address the recurring water shortage crisis. of water in Phuket, in particular to initiate progress on the much-delayed Phang Nga mains supply pipeline.

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