Ohio’s new abortion bill attracts international attention


COLUMBUS, Ohio – An abortion bill in the Ohio legislature is garnering international attention for efforts to prevent abortions in the state, making doctors who end pregnancies where the mother’s life was not in danger, guilty of “murder by abortion,” a felony punishable by 15 years to life or in aggravated cases, the death penalty.

Doctors should also try to save ectopic pregnancies, where the pregnancy occurs outside the uterus, by reimplanting the fetus into the uterus, a procedure that to date is not medically possible.

“This is absolutely the most extreme abortion ban you can imagine, it’s definitely unconstitutional and frankly in a lot of ways I think it makes Ohio look extreme and stupid,” said Jessie Hill, constitutional and reproductive rights specialist at Case Western. Reserve University Law School. “You can’t find a single medical expert to support the idea that there is this treatment, a viable treatment that is outlined in the bill.”

As for the sanctions linked to the practice or to abortion, she adds, “it is extremely unusual for a law that presents itself as a pro-life measure to go so far and threaten the death penalty for those with use of a care procedure. . “

Hill worked with the Ohio ACLU on their Heartbeat Bill appeal signed by Governor DeWine in April. In July, a federal judge barred the state from enforcing the measure that critics said would effectively ban most abortions in the state, as early as six weeks pregnant or once a fetal heartbeat might be. detected. At one time, opponents claimed it was before many women knew they were pregnant.

When DeWine enacted the bill, he said he expected to end up where he did, on his way to the United States Supreme Court where that could ultimately be a potential challenge for Roe. v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion across the country.

“We have a vehicle for the United States Supreme Court so that if it is prepared to do so, it could review some of its previous decisions,” DeWine said in April.

If the heartbeat bill made its way to court, this latest measure would get there almost immediately if passed and enacted, something Governor DeWine has given no indication of at this point.

This is all playing out as we head into 2020 with abortion one of the key issues dividing political parties.

“We have a large part of our electorate on both sides voting on this one issue,” said Dr Tom Sutton, News 5 political analyst from Baldwin Wallace University. “They might agree with you on 99% of the other issues, but if you don’t agree with them on the abortion issue, you will never get their vote.”

Sutton points out that many religious conservatives looked beyond President Trump’s personal issues or other positions “because they saw him as someone who would put the Conservatives, who would support limiting the Roe v. Wade decision. , in court. For that reason alone, they voted for President Trump. “

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