New foundation in Phuket to provide grants to the most vulnerable communities

Living Waters Phuket was launched this week, the first fully established legal structure to provide grants to projects investing in sustainable community solutions in Phuket and the surrounding islands.

A Solidarity Foundation

This all-new one-of-a-kind foundation, launched this week as Living Waters Phuket, strives to combine the efforts of registered charities, foundations, private businesses and government organizations. The new Foundation aims to provide strategic and credible assistance by providing financial grants to projects around critical relief areas, including solutions for sustainable food security, education, renewable energy and environmental issues.

The Foundation marks its official launch in Phuket on November 1, 2021 with the announcement of an unprecedented financial grant for a “significant” collaborative food donation program. The initiative consists of more than 8,700 “Super Life Packs” to help families in need; in collaboration with the Phuket Red Cross, Phuket Has Been Good To Us and several ministries.

Where it all started

Shaun Stenning, CEO and Founder of 5 Star Marine, and his team have diligently run their “Life Bags” food donation program for over 20 months in Phuket. Their dedication to the most vulnerable communities in Phuket and the surrounding islands has been a vital effort, and has seen a tremendous effort from their staff and volunteers, as well as non-stop weekly fundraising efforts, to sourcing, packing and delivery.

They continued this relief aid throughout the Covid pandemic, and continued despite many “restrictions” imposed preventing volunteers from packing. Meanwhile, 5 Star Marine and Sutai Muay Thai have only supported packaging efforts to keep deliveries going, including targeting some of the more remote and hard-to-reach areas. They also looked after the islands of Phuket using the 5 Star Marine speedboat fleet.

“Phuket has needed a well-thought-out Foundation for a long time, and I am delighted to see many more positive initiatives having the opportunity to materialize in the future. I founded Living Waters Phuket to continue the work done by 5 Star Marine during the pandemic, providing rescue bags to over 360,000 families.

“Now Living Waters Phuket can go on and provide sustainable solutions to food security, education and environmental issues.”

A natural extension

Living Waters Phuket was born as a natural extension of the relief efforts of the past 20 months. Shaun believed this was an obvious strategic evolution of the work they had been doing around the island. So now they have funded this one of a kind foundation in Phuket to provide a longer term, sustainable and ongoing way to continue relief through funds for projects where the community needs help the most.

One-of-a-kind grant collaboration

Living Waters Phuket, in collaboration with 5 Star Marine, has provided financial support for more than 88,700 “Super Life Packs”, which contain enough staple foods to feed a family of 4 for an entire week. This effort will include 44 tonnes of rice, as well as noodles, canned fish and nearly 9,000 liters of cooking oil and sauces.

This financially funded project marks the largest food bag donation to date, and execution will be a collaborative effort between Living Waters Phuket, 5 Star Marine, Phuket Red Cross, Phuket Has Been Good To Us and various ministries.

Sustainable support

The foundation has already been involved in supporting an education program in sustainable agriculture and food production for the Kathu Wittaya school. This long-term initiative is designed to teach nearly 1,000 children how to grow food, with all grown food donated to a local orphanage. It also aims to give these children the skills to be self-reliant and to bring this knowledge back to their communities in the hope of a better future.

Grants are currently awarded to community groups: nonprofits and individuals who wish to bridge a gap by finding solutions to sustainable food security, education, renewable energy and environmental issues.

Living Waters Phuket’s independent advisory board will review each grant application objectively, fairly and impartially.

More information about Living Waters Phuket…

Shaun stenning
TELEPHONE: +66 (0) 937206221

New Foundation in Phuket to Provide Grants to Most Vulnerable Communities |  Thaiger News

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