New driver slams car in store

PHUKET: A 57-year-old man new to driving escaped a serious injury last night (December 10) when he drove his new Nissan March into a grocery store outside his house.

Wichit Police were called to the scene outside the Phuket Villa California subdivision at 7 p.m.

Police accompanied by rescue workers from Wichit Municipality arrived to find the car stopped halfway through the grocery store with a steel pole to support the shutters resting in the engine compartment. The car, fitted with red license plates, still had its flashing hazard lights.

Piyaphat Nawee, 57, said he bought the Nissan March just a month and five days ago. He was still getting used to driving it.

He was driving home from work when he pulled up in front of the store so he could back up to park his car in front of his house, which is across the street.

As he was about to reverse to park, he realized that the car was not in reverse and he went to apply the brake. He missed it and hit the accelerator instead, throwing the car forward into the store.

It crashed into one of the steel support poles, causing two steel roller shutter doors to collapse.

Mr Piyaphat said the damage from the accident was covered by first class insurance and it was confirmed that he was not drinking.

The insurance company is currently negotiating with the owner of the shophouse grocery store to cover the damage, he said.

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