Muay Thai Sangha is open and invites people to come and train Muay Thai in Thailand


Muay Thai Sangha, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is pleased to announce that their Muay Thai school in Thailand is fully open and they have launched a new website. They would like to point out that the Muay Thai Sangha path shares a means of increasing the consciousness of the individual through fighting and internal martial arts. Their aim is to provide an appropriate environment where students can develop appropriate combat skills and refine their mental states. Located in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, for over 12 years, the school has been providing high-level skills to students interested in personal development through Thai martial arts. The school is only 40 minutes north of Chiang Mai in the village of Mae Taeng.

Muay Thai Sangha is a Thai martial arts camp for beginner, intermediate and advanced martial artists. The school is directed by Kru Pedro Solana and offers an evolutionary path linked to the awakening of a person’s inner warrior. Through self-awareness and willpower, students will learn to push their bodies to the limit and bring their minds to stillness. The main objective of the whole training is for the student to become more present to himself while improving his fighting skills.

Kru Pedro said: “We invite people to come train Muay Thai in Thailand. By mixing the ancient Muay Thai Boran and struggling with the five elements, students will be able to improve their physical and mental attributes. Practicing their Warrior Yoga exercises will energetically reset their entire body, providing optimal health and vitality.

Muay Thai sangha training also includes Krabi-Krabong Thai weapons in their program. This is beneficial as training in ancient Thai weapons will help students stay present and develop greater coordination and agility. Kundalini meditation is also included in the training. Through self-awareness and concentration, the practice of meditation will lead students to find balance and inner peace.

The training activities will take place in Mae Taeng District in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Mae Taeng offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and the perfect environment to learn martial arts in Thailand. Mae Taman Valley is only a few kilometers from where there are many elephant sanctuaries. In addition, there is a lake and many different caves and waterfalls that can be visited. Whitewater / bamboo rafting or zipline activities are also popular in the area. In addition, around the mountains near Mae Taeng, there are hundreds of hill tribe villages in Burma, southern China and Laos. Local agencies offer different jungle treks to visit them and learn about their culture.

Kru Pedro Solana, Muay Thai teacher at Muay Thai Sangha, has over 30 years of martial arts experience, which made him realize that the biggest battle is inside. Based on his Muay Thai Sangha program, these teachings are the ultimate result of this achievement. He defends the idea that every human being has the capacity to develop further. Its main approach is to strengthen the path of consciousness to experience life with the maximum potential of the student. He aligns his practices with the rising vibrations and shares his path with anyone interested.

The training approach of the Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts system can be compared to that of mixed martial arts (MMA). It emphasizes proper posture, structural alignment, awareness of one’s center of gravity and the development of balance through proper distribution of body weight.

The most dangerous weapons in Muay Thai Sangha training are blocking techniques, devastating blocks that incorporate elbows and knees, and quick triangular footwork to gain positional advantage. Techniques used to emphasize the ethics of self-defense. All training, including sparring, is done with almost no protective gear. Only small gloves and a mouthpiece can be used.

Those wishing to learn more about Muay Thai training in Thailand can check the Muay Thai Sangha website at, or contact them by e-mail.


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Muay Thai Sangha
Kru Pedro
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Mae Taeng District
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