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Minister of State for Electronics and Computing Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

New Delhi: The absence of formal dialogues between countries like the United States and India regarding the Internet will create islands with different legal frameworks, said Minister of State for Electronics and Computing Rajeev on Thursday Chandrasekhar. He said that it is necessary to achieve a comprehensive understanding on the Internet.

Speaking at an event hosted by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, Chandrasekhar said the power of the internet is playing in India with e-commerce and other activities.

However, there needs to be a dialogue on issues such as data protection and cross-border data flows to avoid creating islands on the Internet that are not connected to other countries.

“I think it is necessary that this kind of conversation begins in a formal way. In terms of jurisprudence, legal framework, bilateral understanding of countries like the United States and India … Currently, all countries are at different levels of understanding in terms of how we see the internet, ”Chandrasekhar said.

He said the dialogue would lead to a comprehensive understanding of the role of government and regulators, and that it would be risky if countries did not engage on such issues.

“We will create small islands of very different rules and regulations which will create arbitration opportunities or which will put one group of consumers at a disadvantage compared to other groups of consumers,” the minister said.

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