Michigan’s Best Local Foods: Tiki Boiz Brings Island Vibes to Muskegon, Serving ‘Great Hawaiian Dishes’

MUSKEGON, MI — Going from a food truck to a traditional restaurant, three guys from West Michigan continue to deliver Hawaiian cuisine in a fun atmosphere with an island vibe.

Shae Himber, Maxx Archer and Nick Vandam had the soft opening of Tiki Boiz Restaurant, located at 2445 Lakeshore Drive in Muskegon, for family and close friends on February 3, with the grand opening on February 5.

“Our soft opening turned out to be way wilder than expected,” Himber said. “Between me, Max and Nick, we have a lot of friends and family, so we invited a lot of people, and they kind of all showed up.”

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After launching his food truck in 2019, Himber said it was nice to have a “solid point” and not have to commute. However, he said the trio still expects to run the food truck for summer events and catering.

“It’s a bit more accountability with the restaurant because with a food truck you don’t have to open if it’s raining that day or you don’t feel like it,” Vandam said. “But with a restaurant, you have to be open during the hours you say you’re going to be open because you don’t want people showing up when you say you’re going to be open and then you’re closed. ”

With an expanded menu, the favorites and top sellers remain the same for customers who enjoyed Hawaiian grub during their food truck days.

For example, the Huli Chicken Bowl ($12) made with grilled or fried shrimp, citrus salad, cucumber, edamame, Tiki sauce and served with furikake on a bed of white rice continues to be the fan favorite, owners say.

Another bestseller is the unique Karate Kid Burger ($7) made with a 6-ounce Angus patty, melted Swiss, kimchi, crunchy peanut butter, Tiki sauce and oyster sauce with furikake and green onions on a toasted Hawaiian bread.

“We offer island-style dishes,” Himber said. “Some must-haves like Chicken Katsu and Korean Ribs. The Bulgogi Cheese Steak Egg Rolls ($7) are selling well. We had Bao Buns ($8) and Musubi ($6-$7), which is a must in Hawaii, but we’ve given them our little twist, so they’re very good.

As for Himber, Vandam and Archer favorites, everyone has a taste for something across the menu like Ramen ($12) in a rich meat broth topped with a seasoned boiled egg, food for Blanched and Scallion Baby Boy or the Drunken Noodle ($10) made with stir-fried rice noodles, Thai chili, onions and Thai basil topped with scallions in a sweet brown sauce.

Once restaurant rush hours slow down, Tiki Boiz plans to launch an Island Hopping Special that will feature different dishes from different islands due to its “Island Grind” motto.

Because only three of them cook, talk to customers, and gather fresh ingredients, the owners focus on advancing the business to a point where they can gauge the level of activity before deciding how they would add more. staff.

“We’re looking forward to summer,” Himber said. “We’re right by the beach so I know we’re going to have fun in the summer and see all the tourists coming to Muskegon and get all that traffic because we’re right in the way to the beach. I’m just ready for some sunshine, and I’m excited to see how well we can take this.

In the future, Vandam and his co-owners hope to incorporate a bar inside Tiki Boiz. He said a liquor license is something they are looking forward to.

On their website, the owners describe themselves as West Michigan boys with island vibes, who bring people “good Hawaiian grind,” which is local slang for food in Hawaii.

The opening hours of the new restaurant are Tuesday to Saturday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. As the business continues to be busy, the owners say take-out may not be available during peak lunch and dinner times. To order perform.

For the full menu, visit the Tiki Boiz website. Contact the restaurant at (231) 375-0653.

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