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Möge t-shirt
8150 Baltimore Ave.
Möge Tee draws inspiration from thousands of years of Chinese tea culture, but the national chain is dedicated to what it calls “New Style Tea Techniques,” which include flavorful, creamy, and cold bubble teas! hot day.

Its Watermelon Tea, for example, revisits Moge Tee’s traditional milk tea with a refreshing burst of natural watermelon flavor in every sip. Each tea comes with the option to choose the level of sweetness for your drink, while add-ons like brown sugar bubbles or lychee jelly can be added to each drink.

Vigilant Cafe
8200 Baltimore Ave.
Vigilante Coffee isn’t just the domain of coffee snobs who maintain a precise temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit for their steaming brews. The local roaster also knows how to ice things up for the summer.

A busy day awaits you? Vigilante’s Mint Latte offers a burst of energy with a twist, combining espresso, milk and homemade mint syrup. The Chronic Tonic takes a non-alcoholic twist on an Old Fashioned, starting with a two-ounce heavy espresso muddled with an orange twist and floated over tonic water and ice, creating a drink that will leave you feeling fresh and fully caffeinated.

“Here we bring coffee from all over the world, everything is homemade and our beans are freshly roasted here,” said Gracie Tanner, barista. “The Mint Latte is our seasonal summer drink with fresh mint syrup; my favorite way is to order it with oat milk.

Ita de Ritaice vine
8900 Baltimore Ave.
This mid-Atlantic staple that lines the boardwalks of Ocean City (both) and beyond is also ready to freeze your brain right here in College Park. Flavor options change daily, so there’s an almost endless variety to choose from, including cotton candy, Swedish fish, and wild black cherry. The shop also offers frozen custard, Misto shakes (which combine Italian ice cream and custard), gelati (layering frozen custard and Italian ice cream), and blendini (a mix of the two).

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