Man shares unusual dating tip passed down from his father


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A man on Reddit shared a helpful dating tip that was passed down from his dad.

The user of the popular social platform shared his story with the promise that it “works every time.”

Take from Reddit, the man said it’s easy to check if your partner is the right fit for you – just go on vacation with them.

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Explaining that the advice was inherited from his father, he shared his story hoping others might benefit as well.

He said, “Here are some tips my dad gave me: If you want to find out for yourself if this girl is right for you, plan a long vacation with her.

“Traveling is a good way to get a glimpse of what life will be like with her: you’ll share a room, plan the route, and learn to negotiate and chat with her to decide what to do and where to go. and good habits she can have.

“Is she smart on the street?” Does she know how to stay safe in a foreign land? What if things go wrong; Does she have a plan B for where to go and what to do?

“How would you solve problems together? What if you wanted to stay in a resort but she wanted to stay in a motel? How prepared is she when she explores the unknown with you? These are all good qualities. that a life partner should have. “

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Users were quick to comment on the tips shared with the ‘LifeProTips’ subreddit.

One wrote: “There is a saying in our culture, ‘to really know a person you have to either live with them or travel with them’.”

Another added: “I think it’s fair – spending time in an unfamiliar place and seeing how they deal with things is key. The other thing is to build something with them.”

“I visited Thailand several years ago for a month,” wrote a third. “The number of couples arguing at various times (usually in the evenings) was surprising.

“I think being tired and away from home in less comfort than you’re used to can bring out your true colors, or at least expose the differences.”

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