Living Waters: Building a Better Future

Living Waters Phuket has provided financial grants and completed projects to invest in sustainable community solutions in Phuket and the surrounding islands.

By Joanna Matlub

Living Waters Phuket is a brand new foundation that was created to build a better future for communities in need. This foundation provides financial grants to projects around critical relief areas, including sustainable food security, education requirements, renewable energy and environmental issues. It was created to help registered charities, foundations, private businesses and government organizations by funding community projects.

Grants are currently and continuously awarded to community groups, charities, non-profit organizations (NPOs) and individuals who wish to help the community by finding solutions to the aforementioned challenges in and around Phuket. Living Waters Phuket’s independent advisory board reviews every grant application it receives in an objective, fair and impartial manner. With financial grants awarded weekly, there are many exciting opportunities to help communities in need here in Phuket and beyond.

Sustainable agriculture project

The Foundation was involved from the start in supporting a sustainable education program on agriculture and food production for the Kathu Wittaya school.

This long-term initiative was designed to teach nearly 1,000 children about the process of growing and harvesting food, and came to fruition with funding from the Living Waters Phuket Foundation.

This project is the first of its kind in Phuket and teaches students how to cultivate the land using proven Thai techniques and processes. This is truly a looping sustainable agriculture initiative and something the Foundation is extremely proud to support.

These types of initiatives aim to equip disadvantaged children with lifelong skills to be self-reliant and to bring this knowledge back to their communities with the hope of a better and more sustainable future.

With the sustainable education project on agriculture and food production completed, Living Waters Phuket is now providing grants for phase 2; construction of buildings to store products and a storefront to sell.

Educational aid for disadvantaged children

The Living Waters Phuket Foundation has funded and provided brand new computer equipment to over 500 underprivileged children at the Phuket Has Been Good To Us (PHBGTU) school. This project was funded so that teachers, volunteers and administrators could deliver their English lessons more effectively and efficiently. The previous equipment was old, unreliable, and often closed in the middle of the course, which made the courses increasingly difficult to hold.

The newly installed equipment will help teachers deliver better quality lessons, print materials and content. This initiative aims to help students progress further in their studies, providing them with a brighter future for employment options, thereby helping their families and communities as well.

The grant to provide new computer equipment to teachers, volunteers and administrators of this children’s charity has been completed, and all computer equipment has been funded, delivered and installed.

Super Life Bags

The Foundation marked its official launch in Phuket on the 1st November 2021 with an unprecedented financial grant for a major collaborative food donation program. There were more than 8,700 “Super Life Packs” to help families in need.

Living Waters Phuket and 5 Star Marine have provided substantial financial support for these Super Life Packs, each containing enough basic foods to feed a family of 4 for an entire week.

This funded project marked the largest food bag donation to date, and the execution was a collaborative effort between Living Waters Phuket, 5 Star Marine, the Phuket Red Cross, Phuket Has Been Good To Us as well. as various government departments.

The distribution of these Super Life Bags was aided by government officials and 5 Star Marine, and took place in several areas of Phuket including Kathu, Patong, Chalong, Rawai and Baan Phara, among others.

Clean energy project

Living Waters Phuket recently completed the installation of solar panels for the Good Shepherd Phuket Town Learning Center (GSPT).

Living Waters Phuket is based on researching and funding sustainable solutions to food security, education and environmental issues. So solar power for this charity fits well with their fundraising criteria.

This initiative will save the learning center money by eliminating the high electricity costs it previously paid to run the center. This completed project now uses a clean and sustainable energy solution that the Foundation is proud to have been able to finance.

Living Waters Phuket Foundation – Building a Better Future

“Phuket has needed a well-thought-out Foundation for a long time, and I am delighted to see many positive initiatives having the opportunity to come to fruition in such a short time. Living Waters Phuket is open to requests for grants and donations essential to continue our work. We look forward to continuing to support the community by funding sustainable solutions not only to food security, but also to education and environmental issues. said Shaun Stenning (CEO and Founder of 5 Star Marine).


You can donate to the Foundation’s Weeboon page to help fund more sustainable community projects where you will also find weekly updates on the initiatives. Please go to and search for “Living Waters Phuket”.

See also LivingWatersPhuket on Facebook and Instagram.

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