Kaohsiung centenarians receive a visit from the mayor

  • By Fang Chih-hsien and Kayleigh Madjar / Staff Journalist, with Staff Editor

Kaohsiung mayor Chen Chi-mai (陳 å…¶ 邁) visited the city’s three centenarians on Thursday, including 102-year-old Wang Te-yung (王德永), whose lifelong passion for photography is evident in the many albums. photos he plans to pass on to his grandchildren.

Preparing for the celebration of the upcoming Double Ninth Festival on Thursday, the mayor visited residents with gifts of NT $ 10,000 in cash and a fruit basket, in addition to a certificate and a gold lock with the name of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Wang, who lives in Fongshan District (鳳山), was born in northeast China.

Photo: Fang Chih-hsien, Taipei Times

It was during his high school education in Japan that he developed an interest in photography, he said of the hobby that took him through 10 broken cameras.

In 1948, Wang came with the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) to Taiwan, where he ran a pharmacy in Lingya (è‹“é›…) district for a decade.

He and his wife, now 88, have six sons.

Sharing his secret about old age, Wang said keeping a regular schedule has helped.

He meditates first thing in the morning, followed by a breakfast of oatmeal and two hard-boiled eggs, then two more meals at regular times, Wang said.

He enjoys traveling on tourist buses and cycling to the supermarket, he added.

Even though he drank two cans of beer every night, Wang said he had cut the habit and replaced it with soda.

Wang shared some of his photo albums with Chen, even pulling out his camera to take a photo of the mayor.

As an additional gift, Chen brought a case of soda to the photographer, who joked that the company should hire him as a spokesperson.

The mayor didn’t have much to do to visit the next centenarian, Huang Ting-jui (黃丁瑞), a resident of Fongshan, who at 101 loves singing and spending time with his great-grandchildren.

Chen finally visited former hundred-year-old Changchian martial artist Chan Ching-yeh (張 簡 詹 清 葉) in Daliao District (大寮).

According to the Kaohsiung Social Affairs Bureau, there are 376 centenarians in the city; 148 men and 228 women.

The oldest are Jen Chang Mei-nun (任 張 妹?) And 112-year-old Chu Shu-pei (朱叔培), who were also visited by city officials.

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