In Dibrugarh, Assam, a man ticks off a leopard during a photo attempt and escapes with a leg injury

A Forest Department team then tranquilized the leopard and took it away


A man suffered a leg injury after a leopard attacked him as he tried to click a picture of the animal.

A video of the incident, which took place near Kharjan tea plantation in Dibrugarh in Assam, has now gone viral.

The male leopard would have taken refuge in a culvert on the Chabua bypass. Passers-by spotted him, word spread, and more and more people started reaching the spot to see the leopard.

The man who was attacked works as a day laborer and was returning from Dhakuakhana when he heard of the leopard sighting. Upon arriving there, he started clicking pictures of the animal and ended up getting too close.

“The man tried to take a close-up photo of the leopard. Suddenly the leopard attacked him and injured him. He suffered injuries to his leg,” a local resident said.

The video shows people running in fear as the leopard chases them.

Eventually, a team from the Tinsukia Forest Department arrived, tranquilized the leopard, and took it away.

Khanin Changmai, a Wildlife Trust of India veterinarian, said: “After getting information about the leopard, a team from the Tinsukia Forest Department arrived on the scene. We tranquilized the leopard and took it to Tinsukia. After a health check, he will be released into the wild.”

Speaking about the incident, a forestry officer pointed to an “alarming” increase in cases of human-wildlife conflict in Assam.

“Due to shrinking forest cover, more and more human-wildlife conflict incidents are taking place,” the officer said.

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