HK Style Ribbon Chee Cheong Fun by Former Chef Tim Ho Wan

Fei Chang Hao in Kallang

It looks like the thin rice rolls at Hong Kong-style chee cheong entertainment are more popular than ever, with stalls such as Chief Wei HK Cheong Fun and Wei Chee Cheong Fun Pin attract loyal customers. Here to join the party is Fei Changhaofounded by a former chef Tim Ho Wan.

fei chang hao menu

Unlike most fun chee cheong stalls with a simpler menu, Fei Chang Hao’s menu has an impressive 30 dishes, with a respectable range of rice rolls, dim sum and congee.

fei chang hao preparation shot

Fei Chang Hao stands out from other fun chee cheong stalls because of their ribbon-style chee cheong fun, in which the thin sheets of rice rolls are scraped to fold over each other.

fei chang hao ying yong rice roll intro shot

The most expensive fun chee cheong dish here is the Ying Yong Rice Roll ($4.80)but its price is definitely justified.

fei chang hao ying yong rice roll close up

The thin rice rolls wrap an abundance of lettuce, arctic char and shrimp, ensuring you get what you pay for.

fei chang hao you tiao rice roll introduction shot

One of the most popular fun chee cheong dishes here is the You Tiao Rice Roll ($3.90)aka zha leong.

fei chang hao you tiao rice roll preparation shot

Crispy you tiao rolls are wrapped in the rice roll, before soy sauce is poured over it.

fei chang hao you tiao rice roll cross section

When it lands on your plate, all nicely sliced ​​for easy spooning, this dish pulls off the feat of crispy you tiao with silky smooth rice rolls, bound together by the taste of soy sauce.

fei chang hao traditional rice roll introduction shot

Of course, you can always go with the Traditional rice roll ($3.20).

fei chang hao traditional rice roll interaction shot

Here, the flavor of the light soy sauce mixture can shine through, while the thin rice rolls dutifully soak up all of its goodness.

fei chang hao hot and spicy free intro shot

Don’t forget to try one of their dim sum dishes from their large 18-course menu. One of their newly added items is the Free hot and spicyAKA hong you chao shou, which goes to $2.40 for four and $4.80 for six.

fei chang hao hot and spicy free cross section

A tight package of ground pork and silky skin, this dish is on the spicier end of the spectrum.

fei chang hao prawns and pork siew mai intro shot

Another popular dim sum item is the Shrimp and Pork Siew Mai ($3.30).

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fei chang hao dim sum prep shot

This dish, along with a handful of their other dim sum, is steamed and served in bamboo steamer baskets.

fei chang hao pork congee intro shot

If you find yourself particularly hungry, their Pork congee ($3.20) will do and satisfy you.

fei chang hao pork congee interaction shot

Topped with crispy you tiao chunks, peanuts and spring onions, and plenty of pork shreds in each scoop of thick congee, this dish is definitely comforting in a bowl.

fei chang hao mood scene

If reading about Fei Chang Hao’s silky smooth chee cheong fun is enough to make your mouth water, be sure to pay them a visit at Restoration havenwhich is a four-minute walk from Kallang MRT Station.

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Address: 5 Upper Boon Keng Road, #01-22, Food Haven Coffeeshop, Singapore 380005
Opening hours: Every day from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Such : 8321 1405
Fei Chang Hao is not a halal certified restaurant.

Photos taken by Zu Yi Kong.

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