Have you ever had a Ten Bagger?

A “Ten Bagger” is an investment that increases by 10 times (1000%) or more. The Ten Bagger Club is an international information sharing club whose members try to identify stocks with a potential 10 bagger. The latest promising stock identified by the club is a small company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange called Industrial Minerals Ltd (stock code IND.AX).

IND.AX is coming to Phuket on Sunday June 12 to give a presentation to the Phuket chapter of The 10 Bagger club at Drinks & Co, the wine and drinks bar on Boat Avenue, Cherng Talay. The event will run from 3-5 p.m. and is open to everyone, drinks after. Beers and pizzas will be served in a relaxed setting where you can meet fellow Phuket investors looking for exciting opportunities. This is just a social and information sharing event, no investment advice is given in the club.

IND.AX has large areas of high quality silica sand in Australia. Silica sand is needed to make glass, and there is currently a growing shortage of glass in Asia and around the world. Perhaps alarming to many Phuketians recent warnings from beer companies like San Miguel and Heineken that they may not be able to produce enough bottles of beer this year! Aside from beer bottles, the main shortage of glass is due to the ever-growing construction industry in Asia, as well as rapidly increasing global needs for solar panels, computer screens and mobile phones. . Silica sand is also needed in paints, iron foundries, water purification, ceramics, oil and gas, and golf course bunkers!

The shortage has been exacerbated by increasing new environmental policies in China and Southeast Asian countries, limiting the increasingly ecologically destructive practice used in the region of large-scale sand dredging. silica in rivers. This significantly reduces the supply in Asia. Ocean sand comes from limestone (shells and corals) not silica, so it cannot be used for making glass.

It is currently estimated that Asian glassmakers are already short nearly US$3 billion worth of silica sand per year, and silica sand prices are increasing and are expected to continue to increase significantly over the next few years, as the shortage of glass does not is only expected to grow as China, Korea, Japan and other Asian economies get back on track after their covid lockdowns.

The easiest place for Asia to get this new supply is from the vast expanses of undisturbed high-grade silica sand in Australia. IND.AX has 14 huge sites on private farmland and has been identified by the Ten Bagger club as one of the companies best positioned to take advantage of this growing Asian demand shortfall.

IND today still only has a small market capitalization of less than US$17 million, but this could appreciate significantly over the next few years as IND expects to accept more and more contracts. lucrative long-term sand supply from Asia to fill the growing shortfall.

For more information, head to this educational yet laid-back event. There will also be a presentation from Firebird Metals Ltd (FRB.AX), an up-and-coming manganese producer in Australia.

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