Gold store thief blames online gambling debts

PHUKET: Burmese man arrested for beating 71-year-old man in robbery of gold store in heart of Phuket town on Saturday night (October 23) blamed online gambling debts as the reason for the execution of the flight.

The arrest was revealed yesterday but officially announced to the Phuket Town Police Station earlier today (October 28) by Region 8 Police Commander Lt. Gen. Amphol Buarabporn, accompanied by Deputy Commander of Region 8, Major General Saksira Phuak-am.

It should be noted that Pol Lt Gen Amphol was previously the Commander of the Provincial Police of Region 1, initially in charge of the manhunt of Prasittichai Khaokaew, the former principal of a primary school in Sing province. Buri who killed three people, including a 2-year-old child. boy, during the robbery of a gold store inside Robinson Shopping Center in Lop Buri in January.

In August, Prasittichai was sentenced to death for the murder-robbery of a gold store. Prasittichai also blamed gambling debts as the motive for the murderous theft.

At the press conference at the Phuket Town Police Station today, much of the explanation for the theft, attack and arrest by Lt. Gen. Amphol confirmed, corrected and clarified many details which have already been leaked to the press.

Police in Phuket Town were first notified of the theft at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. Officers were told that a criminal had climbed to the roof of the Thong Thaweechai Gold Store on Ranong Rd and entered the building on the second floor by removing a ceiling tile.

The thief then descended to the first floor (elsewhere called ground floor) of the house where he saw the owners of the house, an elderly man and woman sitting in front of the television.

The couple, Wangdee Inthawong, 71, and Puangpen Sakkasemkrit, 65, lived upstairs in the store, located near Suriyadej Circle and the market area of ​​downtown Phuket.

When the couple saw the thief, the man attacked the two victims. He hit Mr. Wangdee in the head with a piece of wood that he had taken from the upstairs kitchen, where he also took a large knife that he had with him during the attack.

The thief, now publicly identified as Chai Aung, 26, of Burmese nationality, tied the couple’s hands and feet with wire and threatened to beat Ms. Puangpen if they did not open the safe . Note, Chai aung’s Thai driver’s license identifies him as “Shine Aung”.

Ms. Puangpen relented, but as he removed the horde of gold jewelry from the safe, she threw a chair at him. Chai Aung angrily responded and hit Ms. Puangpen on the head with the piece of wood. Ms Puangpen was seriously injured, it was explained, but her exact state of health has not been revealed.

Chai Aung stole many jewelry such as gold necklaces, gold rings, gold bracelets, as well as “a certain amount of money” and ran away. Police confirmed yesterday that the stolen money amounted to B 100,000.

Due to the severity of the attack and the amount stolen, now confirmed to be over 10.6 million baht in gold items, in addition to the stolen money, Lt. Gen. Amphol ordered police to bring the criminal to justice as quickly as possible, as he had become of great public interest.

Lieutenant General Amphol took the opportunity today to promote the ongoing “Old Phuket Town Smart Safety Zone 4.0” project to make the heart of Phuket Town a haven for local residents and tourists, as previously announced by National Police Chief Pol Gen Suwat Jangyodsuk in Phuket. in person at the end of last month.

Using CCTV footage provided by local police, Phuket Municipality and local businesses, officers followed Chai Aung escaping on a black Honda Scoopy I motorbike to a residence in a center. car care center on Wichit Songkram Rd, in Tambon Talad Neua, also in Phuket Town.

At 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, October 26, officers armed with an arrest warrant entered and arrested Chai Aung.

During questioning, Chai Aung confessed to stealing and assaulting the elderly couple, who live upstairs as guards of the building that houses the gold store. They are not the owners, we told reporters today.

Officers searched Chai Aung’s rented room and recovered the stolen jewelry, reported as “363 baht weight” of gold. At current gold prices, the transport was worth B10,668,570. Agents also recovered B33,600 from the room.

Chai Aung confessed that he needed the money to pay off his online gambling debts. He said he watched the gold store for two nights before deciding late on Saturday that it was time to rob the gold store.

He blamed his online gambling addiction and lack of money for his debts as his motivation for the theft and the attack on the elderly couple.

Police have yet to confirm the exact charges Chai Aung will face.

Lt. Gen. Amphol today urged all gold store owners to step up security measures at the premises to prevent similar violent thefts.

Benjaporn Watcharatsiriyuth, the owner of the gold shop in Thong Thaweechai, presented a basket of flowers to Lt. Gen. Amphol as a thank you so that the police were able to locate and arrest Chai Aung in just three days and for recovering the gold and money that was not spent by Chai Aung.

Yesterday Ms Benjaporn told reporters that she would tighten security measures at the gold store to prevent any other similar thefts.

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