Gold store thief arrested

PHUKET: Police arrested the wanted for beating a 71-year-old gold shop owner in Phuket Town on Saturday evening (October 23), who saw the thief running away with items in gold worth 8 million baht.

Police confirmed the suspect was arrested at a Wichit Songkram Rd health center in Phuket Town at 7:30 a.m. yesterday (October 26), but are still waiting for a high-ranking police officer to announce the man’s identity. at a press conference. .

A photo of the suspect, with his face blurred, was provided to The Phuket News, but no further details of his identity

The thief was last reported as a Myanmar man because of his accent as he spoke Thai during the heist of the Thong Thaweechai gold store on Ranong Rd in the heart of Phuket Town, where owners Wangdee Inthawong , 71, and Puangpen Sakkasemkrit, 65, lived upstairs.

Police have since revealed the thief was 25 to 20 years old.

They also revealed that in addition to the stolen gold, the thief stole 100,000 B in cash.

The thief was found thanks to CCTV footage showing him escaping from the scene, where he repeatedly hit Mr. Wangdee in the head with the piece of wood.

CCTV footage from inside the gold store showed the thief entered the house above the store with a large knife. So far, no report has confirmed that the knife was used in the attack on Mr. Wangdee.

Police reported that an arrest warrant was presented upon the suspect’s arrest. They have yet to confirm exactly what charges he will face.

The man was taken to Region 8 police headquarters at the northern end of the island for questioning, police confirmed.

At the Thong Thaweechai gold store, Benjaporn Watcharatsiriyuth, 61, said they will now add more CCTV cameras throughout the building to increase security.

She also claimed that the stolen gold was valued at 10 million baht.

Ms Benjaporn praised the police for catching the thief after just three days of searching.

Police reported that the man confessed to the theft.

The man reportedly told police he spent B70,000 of the stolen money on online gambling. He only had 30,000 baht of money left from the theft.

Police have yet to report any recovered gold items, if any.

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