FSM will carry out a test for a self-service hangar

Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) is preparing to conduct a test before the introduction of a self-service hangar.

Speaking to AVAS, Managing Director of FSM, Mohamed Gasam said opening a self-service hangar was one of the company’s goals. The self-service sheds are established in conjunction with the Thai manufacturer of fuel dispensers used in the sheds.

Gasam said significant changes to the current fuel hangars are not necessary to introduce the new service. However, there are delays in starting the service as arrangements are still underway with the company’s Thai partner and the Bank of Maldives, Gasam said.

“With this service, personnel assistance is not required for a driver to fill their tanks and make payments – it will be done through the system. This is why we need the help of BML, and this is what is happening now. As soon as the arrangements are made, we will begin testing within two weeks. If the tests are successful, we will officially start the service, ”Gasam said.

Self-service sheds will first be introduced at the FSM Petrol Shed in Hulhumale ‘. In order to start the service before the end of this year, FSM is making the necessary technical changes to the hangar, as well as staff training.

“When we start the service at Hulhumale” we will be watching closely how it is implemented. We will seek feedback from our customers to make sure this is a satisfactory service. If this service is easy and beneficial for us, we will continue the service, ”Gasam said.

FSM is a subsidiary of the State Trading Organization (STO). Currently, FSM provides refueling services from five petrol sheds in Malé town – four in Malé and one in Hulhumalé. The company also plays an important role in fueling resorts and islands.

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