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Voters were divided but the majority, 60 percent, said the new £ 6 fee is a fair charge the EU must impose, while 27 percent of voters said it was a unfair decision, in a poll of 5,213 people conducted between 3 p.m. on August 4 and 11:30 a.m. August 6. The new fees were announced by EU officials two and a half months after Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed his intention to charge EU citizens and other foreign nationals the UK visit – a program that could bring in £ 300million.


EU travel registration remains valid for three years and can be used for multiple trips, meaning the fee is £ 2 per year.

One reader commented: “These visa fees will break the entire tourism industry in Europe.

“Save on fees and visit Thailand or Vietnam instead where you can have royal fun for € 7.”

Another reader said: “It’s six pounds every three years and you are complaining?

“Call it an EU money spinner?” Are you serious?”

When asked if readers would avoid holidays in EU countries since the £ 6 fee was announced, 67% of voters said they would, but 29 % said they would not avoid vacation travel.

Of the 67% of voters who said they would avoid EU countries, many may have had that opinion regardless of the £ 6 fee.

One reader said, “Why on earth would anyone want to go on vacation to countries that despise you?” [the British]. “

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Many voters said Britons shouldn’t be surprised by the travel costs, as they have always been an integral part of the Brexit deal.

One voter said: “In 2016 people were told that if the UK leaves the EU then it would become necessary to apply for a visa to enter an EU country, this is no surprise . “

Another reader agreed: “If you travel to most countries you need to have a visa Turkey charges around £ 20 for 3 months so no big deal. “

The UK is also expected to charge EU citizens £ 6 to visit, according to 51% of voters.

In contrast, 16% said the UK should charge less than £ 6, and 11% think an acceptable price would be £ 6-10, while 22% think the fee should be over £ 10.

The European Commission said: “The process will be simple, fast and affordable. “

But many readers doubt the likelihood of an easy registration process.

One of them said: “Knowing the EU will be anything but quick and easy.”

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