Director of communications in Jacksonville, FL — Money Diary

Occupation: Communications Director
Industry: Government
Age: 30
Site: Jacksonville, Florida
My salary: $135,000 + $27,500 VA Disability
My husband’s salary: $362,000 ($197,000 base, ~$35,000 bonus, $130,000 stock/year)
Net value : ~$747,000 ($72,000 in my Roth IRA, $83,000 in my husband’s Roth IRA, $197,000 in my 401(k), $194,000 in my husband’s 401(k), $25,000 in our savings account, $49,000 in our investment account, $30,000 in the apartment upgrade fund, $440,000 in current home value less debt Our finances are fully joint .)
Debt: Mortgage of $298,000
Amount of my paycheck (2x/month): $3,000
VA Disability (1x/month): $2,288
Amount of my husband’s paycheck (2x/month): $5,100
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Mortgage: $1,850 for a four-bed/three-bath home we bought in 2020 for $345,000; we rent the two-bed/two-bath apartment above our garage for $1,100 a month.
Health insurance: $239 (Covers a family of four, soon to be five.)
Mobile phones: $45 (Husband’s company covers his phone plan.)
Term life insurance: $52
Lawn care: $150
House cleaning: $300 (every two weeks.)
Gas: $100
Nanny: $3,650 (40 hours per week at $20 an hour for two children, soon to be three.)
HBO Max: $15 (Trade with my brother for Disney+.)
Spotify: $15
Soccer/swimming lessons for children: $55
Preschool: $300
Dog care: $120
Holiday/Birthday Savings: $200
Vacation fund: $600
529 for children: $1,000 (Soon to be $1,500.)
Donations: $2,400 to various causes
Support for the husband’s grandmother: $1,000
Car insurance: $1,215 every six months

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