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Brennan’s (photos from Kimberly Park)

When you want a great place to dine or celebrate a special occasion, why not visit Brennan’s? As the sister restaurant of New Orleans’ famed Commander’s Palace, this magnificent Houston landmark has delighted diners for over 50 years. With its Southern Creole menu, impeccable service and sumptuous decor, it is the place for an elegant meal, whether in the dining room or outside in the lush courtyard.

“I think it starts with our unique 1920s John Staub building and our Parisian gas lamps, but it comes to life thanks to our wonderful waiters and their tradition of Southern hospitality,” says owner Alex Brennan-Martin, the son of the Grand Lady of Commander’s Palace, Ella Brennan. .

Brennan-Martin grew up in the industry, following the same culinary path as his family members before him. But he then made a detour of several years to train at La Varrene, a prestigious culinary and hotel art school in Paris. Then he moved to New York to work at Maxwell’s Plum and the Four Seasons restaurant, first in the kitchen, then at the front of the house.

While honing his skills in New York, his family was busy adding several restaurants to their restaurant dynasty, including Brennan’s of Houston. Brennan-Martin eventually made his way south to Houston, where he discovered that the city of Bayou shared many similarities with New Orleans, including a passion for exquisite cuisine and memorable dining experiences. He has been at the helm of Brennan’s of Houston for twenty years.

“Several of our titular captains have shared with me over the years that romance happens at the table between our guests. Our job is to help them create a good memory, but stay away, ”he notes.

Start with the famous snapper turtle soup and oysters on the half-shell. Then move on to entrees such as fish from the Pontchartrain Gulf or quail stuffed with blood sausage. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with the Foster soufflé or bananas (which includes a flamboyant table top presentation).

Brennan’s of Houston has an award-winning wine program hosted by “wine guys” Rich Carter and Jason Durham. They present more than 2000 bottles from all over the world and offer more than 40 selections by the glass. Their ‘drink what you love’ philosophy is based on the belief that ordering good wine should always be fun and accessible. The wine program therefore presents a user-friendly list with something for everyone, from classic icons to unusual gems.

But Brennan’s is also known for a very specific cocktail: the martini. “Part of the story we are told is that Miss Adelaide Brennan enjoyed her martinis, and we always tried to follow her two simple requirements: good alcohol and very, very cold,” says Brennan-Martin. “Her portrait is in the bar, so in a way, she’s still watching us.”

Brennan’s is open for lunch Tuesday through Friday, brunch Saturday and Sunday, and dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

For more information visit brennanhouston.com.


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This article appears in the October 2021 issue of OutSmart magazine.


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