Debbie pledges 10% of her fundraising to reward borrowers for debt repayment

With the growing need for debt repayment solutions, Debbie is delighted to announce the invite-only beta launch of their app and $1.2 million in pre-seed financing! They have partnered with exceptional mission-driven investors, including One-way businesses, bdmi, TA Companies, Global Village, Green Egg Ventures, Liquid2 Ventures, If Then Venturesand several angel investors, to create the first app that offers actionable tasks, behavioral incentives, and tangible rewards for debt repayment.

As a team of people who have personally struggled to get out of debt, receive sustainable credit, and achieve financial stability, the founding team launched Debbie to make the path from debt to wealth transparent and accessible to everyone.

Frida LeibowitzCEO:
“I grew up in a single-parent, immigrant, uneducated family that had no access to financial education and always struggled with debt. As an adult, I naturally fell into the same trap of the debt and I accumulated $15,000 credit card debt before age 21.

Hoping to make a difference for others, I spent my early career in digital consumer credit and had the unique opportunity to simultaneously sit in the shoes of the borrower and lender. I grew increasingly frustrated that our current financial system quickly knocks us down when we misbehave, but doesn’t celebrate our victories enough.”

Today, the “debt relief” industry often offers quick relief, debt payment automation, or quick cash. None of these teach borrowers better habits, leading to yo-yo debt, similar to crash diets. Debt relief is often a long journey that cannot be resolved in weeks or months; Debbie takes a small step approach with fewer bumps along the way. What Noom did to lose weight, Debbie plans to do to get into debt.

You can register for early access here.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to send some love, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

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