Culinary Review: Bambuddha Revisited | Spotlight on Ibiza

From the moment you walk through the doors of this temple of asian cuisine, you know you are in for a truly special dining experience. The village-like venue itself is very impressive: a series of classic Thai buildings with high double-gabled roofs, teak pillars and woven bamboo walls surround a central courtyard.

Clumps of bamboo grow profusely, providing shade and ambiance, and Siamese and Indian statues – many of them very erotic – adorn every corner. Lighting is subdued — red and green filters create subtle highlights — while chandeliers and abundant candles highlight the meaning of a refined and romantic cuisine.

Before dinner we were guided by the lovely hostesses to the cocktail bar – itself a spacious marvel of plush seats and soft lights – where we had the chance to taste some Bambuddha’s acclaimed concoctions. Our libations included the Erotic – a house favorite – Passion, Bamboozle (not for the faint of heart!) and the non-alcoholic Shamanic.

Here too the DJ is located. The music is intriguing and eclectic, guiding dinner on an auditory journey which encompasses CHILL-OUT and ethnic sounds to inspiring FUNKY, DISCO and HOUSE as the evening progresses.

Quickly seated at our table, we were served an abundance of the finest dishes, showcasing the revolutionary approach to fusion cuisine which is the hallmark of Bambuddha. Our picks have been designed to showcase the latest exciting additions to the menu alongside some established classics.

The first dish to appear with our drinks was a bowl of crunchy vegetable tempura with spicy mayonnaise. A series of amazingly colorful starters followed in a short time. First, an Indian-influenced soft-shell crab bao and Mediterranean prawn carpaccio – seasoned with wasabi mayonnaise and mango vinaigrette.

They were followed by an appetizing Malaysian scallop dish that combined the best of Mediterranean ingredients with an oriental touch, uramaki sushi and succulent slices of fresh amberjack aka hamachi.

Delicate and slightly spicy, the malaysian scallops were exceptionally good. We were also impressed with the exceptionally fresh and sustainably caught fruit. hamachi which seductively slipped down the throat like oysters. With yuzu juice, Japanese plum sauce, red chilli and basil, this dish was a sensory masterpiece.

As for the accompanying drinks, our group opted for a wide combination of additional cocktails, Asian and German beers and Indian tonic water with kafir lime to refresh our taste buds for the next tasty salvo. On the recommendation of our knowledgeable waitress, we opted to go for a white wine, a Galician Albariño, which she assured us was ideal for clearing the palate after every bite.

Starters removed, we moved on to a series of curry starters. The Thai red duck curry was maybe a bit bland, but that was fully rewarded by the spicy kick of the Malaysian tiger prawn curry.

An unexpected treat, the Kowloon King Crab produced gasps of gastronomic delight among the team. Its succulent and creamy white meat had our fingers licking.

Our deliberations over dessert were quickly resolved by the waiter’s proposal to the unique Bambuddha “group orgasm”a surprise platter of five sweets encompassing a range of textures and flavors and showcasing the restaurant’s imaginative and suggestive approach to desserts.

Bambuddha is a cool restaurant in every way: Not only do the island’s discerning foodies flock to eat here, but its lush vegetation, open design, natural airflow and plentiful well-placed fans make for a refreshing experience even on the hottest evenings in July in Ibiza.

It’s no wonder that Bambuddha is high on many visitors’ holiday bucket lists. Reserve your table today to avoid disappointment.

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