Chiang Mai’s aunt promotes healthy eating habits

Chiang Mai’s aunt promotes healthy eating habits

Aunt Noi with her Pumpuang motorbike. (Photo: Thana Boonlert)

With its unique horn, a Pumpuang motorcycle put up for sale fresh produce on its sidecar, throwing a lifeline for gray communities amid transmission of the novel coronavirus in Chiang Mai.

“I am from Doi Saket district. I shop in a local market at 4 am and sell it. [in different neighbourhoods] until 1 pm, ”Aunt Noi said in her northern dialect in Chang Moi Creative District. “You can write whatever you want on paper. I’ll bring them tomorrow. “

Aunt Noi follows the same route with fixed stops every day, but the work requires creativity in the selection of products, depending on the season and the variety, from around thirty grocers to display on her sidecar. The staples range from fruits and vegetables to sun-dried pork and spicy salad in neat packaging.

Aunt Noi with her Pumpuang motorbike. Photos: Thana Boonlert

As part of the 7th Chiang Mai Design Week earlier this month, the Creative Economy Agency (CEA) and Cloud-floor piloted with her a project to improve the company, which plays a key role in promoting the well-being of the elderly communities in the northern province. .

“We want to increase offline shopping channels during Covid-19. Customers are mostly elderly people. Aunt Noi knows what they want to eat. It’s a very deep relationship,” said Imhathai Kunjina, senior development strategist. of business and innovation for the CEA. .

Aunt Noi with her Pumpuang motorbike. Thana boonlert

“We are helping him improve hygiene and product quality and renovate his vehicle, but we must preserve the single horn. One of his clients is blind and therefore relies on his delivery.

The project added famous Chang Moi dishes to the mobile store, including century-old Thai-style donuts, crispy stuffed eggs with ground pork, and a spicy stir-fried pork salad. However, they are adjusted to contain less sugar and salt for good health.

“Whenever Aunt Noi arrives, the neighbors surround her sidecar and search, creating a lively conversation between the elderly. It promotes the local economy and the quality of life,” she said.

“Our project is still in its early stages. We will see how it can serve as a springboard for others.

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