Burma arrested for assault and rape of Thai maid


PHUKET: Police arrested a Myanmar man for raping a Thai woman he hired as a cleaner at his rented house east of Phuket Town.

Nyi Nyi Naing, who works as a migrant labor broker, was arrested at his rented house in Rassada yesterday (September 21). Photo: Phuket Town Police

Phuket Town Police officers led by Lt. Tawan Nuankaew arrested the man, named on his non-Thai national identity card as Nyi Nyi Naing, 42, at a rented house on Srisuthat Rd, Moo 7, Rassada, on the way to the fishing port area, around 12:35 pm.

Placing Nyi Nyi Naing under arrest, officers presented arrest warrant No. 264/2564 issued by the Phuket Provincial Court yesterday (September 21) in connection with criminal case No. 2321/2564.

Nyi Nyi Naing was taken to Phuket Town Police Station to be interrogated and charged with rape under Article 267 of the Penal Code, which states: “Anyone who has sex with a woman, who is not not his wife, against her will, by threatening by any means whatsoever, by committing an act of violence, by taking advantage of the woman’s inability to resist, or by making her mistaken for the other person, will be punished imprisonment for four to twenty years and a fine of B 8,000 to B 40,000.

The arrest came after the victim, a 47-year-old Thai woman from Saraburi, went public with her ordeal, posting details on a well-known Facebook page about how she was tricked into arriving home for work as a housekeeper and then raped and held captive all night of August 27.

She also accused police of inaction in investigating her attacker after reporting the incident the next day.

Before police placed Nyi Nyi Naing under arrest yesterday, reporters had already arrived at the woman’s home, also located east of Phuket Town, around 10 a.m. to interview her.

The woman presented the complaint to the police and the medical report of her examination at the Phuket Provincial Hospital, also located in Rassada, attesting to her physical injuries.

The woman explained that a friend told her that Nyi Nyi Naing was looking for someone to do her laundry and ironing. When she arrived home, she was greeted and a meal awaited her.

However, after talking about the job, he went into an attack and punched and kicked her several times, she said.

He threatened to call the police, telling her that they would do nothing because he had already paid them a lot of money, she added.

Nyi Nyi Naing works as a labor broker for migrants, providing workers for fishing boats in Phuket.

Throughout that night, from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m., she was repeatedly raped and beaten, the woman said.

At one point, he covered his mouth with duct tape. He also placed a clear plastic bag over her head and threatened her with a knife, she said.

After her attacker fell asleep, she searched but found no way to escape as the door to the house was locked.

Finally, after around 9:00 am, Nyi Nyi Naing’s colleagues arrived home to wake him up for work. When he left, he forgot to tell his subordinates to lock the door, she added.

She walked to the back of the house to prevent neighbors from seeing her just as a precaution, she continued. She walked barefoot to a friend’s house nearby.

Her friend took her to the Phuket Town Police Station to report her ordeal. The officer who took care of her only received her complaint and gave her a form to be filled out by doctors confirming that a medical examination had been carried out, she added.

She was left alone in the hospital, the woman noted.

The woman’s account of her ordeal posted on Facebook sparked outrage online.

MajChakkrit Thammaraksa of Phuket Town Police responded online, posted publicly as a comment that he had received the complaint and that an investigation was underway.

Officers were collecting evidence in order to obtain an arrest warrant so his attacker could be arrested, he said.


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