Blued’s new seasonal feature connects online and offline social gatherings


Flash allows Blued users to advertise their own special events and invite other users in their region to participate. Users can share a wide range of activities, whether it’s a weekend hike, a drink, an after-work gym session, or even a job posting for an LGBTQ-friendly business. Users can also post events online, such as a preview of their live streaming session or an invitation to a thematic group chat in Blued’s voice chat room or on other platforms.

For users who just want to attend events, they can browse listings for their region and directly request to attend events. Approved users will be added to a group chat by the event host to allow smooth communications before, during and after the event. Temporary functionality will be rolled out ahead of holidays and festive events to allow users to maximize social interaction during festive seasons.

“Blued has a constant mission to improve the user experience, and Flash represents an important step forward in building and engaging the community,” said Liam lu, director of Blued International. “By connecting the online and offline worlds in new ways, our users have more ways to connect than ever before, enriching their daily lives and fostering social connections. We believe that features like Flash play a critical role in improving well-being within the global LGBTQ community, and part of our evolution from an app into a truly comprehensive, service-oriented platform. . “

Blued envisioned Flash in early 2020, when regions of the world began to enter different stages of the pandemic. While some areas remained blocked, others were returning to normal. Thus, the communities of these latter regions have sought to reconnect in person. Blued responded by starting Flash first in Japan before the month of PRIDE this year, before launching it in South Korea and Vietnam to December 16.

To meet worldwide pandemic control and prevention efforts, Flash users should comply with their local regulations regarding group size and other safety considerations. Event organizers should also educate attendees about COVID-19 precautions and safety measures. Events and users who violate these rules will not be approved.

Besides Flash, Blued has also launched other features since the COVID-19 outbreak that aim to improve connection between users. This includes Quick Chat, a live video speed dating feature, and Voice Chat Room, a voicemail feature that allows audio communications between multiple users based on their background and interests.


Blued is a one-stop mobile destination for the global LGBTQ community. More than a dating app, it integrates location-based networking services with live streaming, customizable social news feeds, video and voice calls, as well as access to professional services related to dating. health in selected markets. Blued, the central hub of the world-renowned LGBTQ platform BlueCity (NASDAQ: BLCT), is available in 13 languages ​​and has connected over 60 million registered users in approximately 170 countries. It is now the largest online LGBTQ community in China, India, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

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